Thiruchittaru(Chengannur)-Imayavarappa Perumal

Name of the Temple

Sri Imayavarappan temple

Period of origin

Before 2000 years

Name of deity

Moolavar: Imayavarappan

Thayar: Sengamalavalli.

Pushkarani: Shanka Theertha, Thiruchittraru

Vimanam: Jagajyothi Vimanam

Mangalaashaasanam: Nammazhwar


Dharamaraja built this temple to get sabavimochn for killing his Acharya Drona. This Chengannur Divya Desam is better known as the Dharma Raja temple. This temple is also referred to as the Thiru Chitraru Vishnu temple in Thiru Chenkundroor.

It was an embarrassing situation for Dharma the eldest of Pandava brothers in the Kurukshetra battle field. Unless Dronacharya the Guru of Dharma was killed, Pandavas cannot win. Drona was very fond of his son Aswathama and he could not bear his loss in the battle field. It was decided to make Drona believe that Aswathama was killed in the field. Dharma had to do this job. He knows it was sin to speak a lie of this kind. But there was no option left if he has to win the war. He told Drona that an elephant also named Aswathama was killed but toned down his voice while telling the word elephant and raised the voice while telling the name of Aswathama. Drona could not bear the news and stopped fighting. He was instantly killed by Dhrushtadyumna against the Yuddha Darma. Yet, Dharma could not excuse himself for the deed. After war ended, he came to this place, performed penance for peace and cleansing. It is said that Darma renovated this temple. Even before Dharma’s coming to this place, Imayavars (Devas) came to this place and performed penance on Lord Vishnu. Lord granted them Darshan and was celebrated as Imayavar Appan – Lord of Devas.

Once, there lived an Asuran (Demon) by named “Sugan”. He had a son by Padmaasuran. He got many Boons by doing various thavam. Likewise, he got a peculiar boon from Lord Shiva that if anyone head is touched by his hand, he or she should be turned into ash. After getting the boon, he tested his skill over Lord Shiva who gave him the boon and ran from him and to get help from Sriman Narayanan. Even the Deva Loga Kanniyars like Rambai, Oorvasi, Thilothamai tried to change his concentration by showing their presence in front of him. But, they feared to come in front of him because they thought he might put his hand on their heads. At that time, Sriman Narayanan took the most beautiful Mohini Avathaar and came in front of Padmaasuran. On seeing the beauty of the Mohini, he stood without moving and wanted to get the happiness of her beauty. At that time, the Mohini who was actually Sriman Narayanan, said after having the oil bath, he can get the happiness from her.On hearing this, Padmaasuran felt very happy and went towards the tank (Pushkarani) to have the oil bath. As soon as he applied the oil on his head, his hand touched his head and at that second, he was turned to ash. And finally, Sriman Narayanan who took the Mohini Avathaar saved Lord Shiva.


Chengannur is located about 120kms South of Ernakulam (Kochi) and about 20kms North of Kayankulam on the Kottayam- Kayankulam/ Kollam (Quilon) rail route. It is just 90minutes away from Ernakulam by most of the super fast express trains that ply on the Thrissur-Kottayam-Kayankulam-Trivandrum rail route. The Imayavarappan Divya Desam is at walking distance from the Chengannur Railway Station

Temple Timings:

530am-10am and 5pm-730pm

Temple Telephone Number:

0479 2456672

Temple Address:

Arulmigu Imayavarappan Thirukkoil,
Thiruchittraru – 689121,
Alappuzha District.
Kerala State.

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