Ambaji  –  Sri Jai Mata Di Temple

Name of the Temple

Jai Mata Di Temple

Period of origin

Before 2000 years

Name of deity

Moolavar: Jai Mata Di


Ambaji-the Origin of the Supreme Cosmic Power of the Universe is one of the fifty one 51 ancient Shakti Piths Tirth in India. There are 12 main Shakti Pith Tirth, significant places of pilgrimage for the worship of Shakti, namely, Ma Bhagwati Mahakali Maha Shakti at Ujjan, Ma Kamakshi at Kanchi Puram, Mata Bramaramba at Malay Giri, Shri Kumarika at Kanya Kumari, Mataji Ambaji at Anartgujarat Mata Mahalaxmidevi at Kohlapur, Devi Lalita at prayag, Vindhya Vasini at Vindhya, Vishalakshi at Varansi, Mangalavati at Gaya and Sundari Bhavani at Bangal & Guhya Kesari in Nepal.The Great Miracle of this Holy Place is that there is no idol or picture in the Nij Mandir the Temple of Shri Arasuri Mata Ambaji, but a simple cave like Gokh in the inner wall, in which A Gold Plated Holy Shakti Visa Shree Yantra having kurma back convex shape and 51 Bij letters therein, connected with that of the original Yantras of Nepal and Ujjain Shakti Piths, is also ritually installed in such a way it can be visible for devotion, but never photographed in past nor can be so done in future. The worship of this Visa Shree Yantra is done only after tying a bandage on the eyes.
The famous mountain of Gabbar is situated on the border of States of Gujarat and Rajasthan, near the flow of the origin of the famous Vedic virgin river SARASWATI, on the hills of Arasur in forest , towards south-west side to ancient hills of Arvalli, at the altitude of about 480 meters, at about 1,600 feet (490 m) high from sea level, having at 8.33 km² (5 sq. miles area ) area as a whole, and it is in fact One of the Fifty One (51) famous Ancient Pauranik Shakti Piths – The Centre of Cosmic Power of India and it is the original holy place of Mata Ambaji, where the piece of the heart of the dead body of Devi Sati fell at the top of this holy hill of Gabbar as per the legend narrated in the “Tantra Chudamani”. The Mountain or Hill of Gabbar has also a small temple fortified from the western side and there are 999 steps to go up to the mountain and reach this holy temple at the top of Gabbar Hill. A Holy Lamp is constantly burning on this hill temple facing exactly in front of Visa Shree Yantra of Nij Mandir of Mata Shri Arasuri Ambica. This is altogether a different Ambica Temple where only a Yantra is placed on a Lion Vahan which is fixed in marble plate decorated with jewels as Ambica.  This is called Vishayantra, with an Ambica appearance. This is also called Sri Yantra.  As Sri represents wealth, it is believed that worshipping this Yantra would bless the devotee with prosperity.  This is made of gold and placed on a tortoise vahan.  There are 51 letters on the Yantra.  Devotees are not allowed to go close to the yantra for darshan as the devotee cannot bear its power.  Hence, a bandage cloth is tied around the eyes of those wishing to go close. The shrine is small in size.  The mandap and the prakara are made of marbles aesthetically.  Peepal tree-Arasamaram is the sacred tree of the temple.  They call the Mother Ambe Ma and Chachar Chowkvali.  The Kalas on the 103 feet tall tower weighs 3 tonnes – 3000 kilo and is covered by gold.

The antiquity of the temple dates back to more than 3000 years.  It is said that Lord Krishna’s tonsuring ceremony was celebrated in this temple when He was three years old and playing in Gokhulam.  Nandagopa and Yasodha took him to this temple then for the purpose.  Hence, only male children alone are tonsured in the temple and not female children and the aged. Vinayaka worship is very popular in north.  Lord Vinayaka graces in the shrine with His consorts Siddhi and Buddhi and sons Shub and Laab and with their sons Kushal and Sam (Vinayaka’s grandsons).  The red Sendhura mixed with oil is applied on Vinayaka according to northern tradition.


Those desiring to visit the temple from Chennai should take Navjivan Express leaving at 9.35 a.m and can reach Ahmedabad the next day at 8.00 p.m. They again have to take the Ranapur Express at 12.30 p.m and would reach Abu Road at the border of Rajasthan at 4.00 a.m. They can hire a van or taxi to reach Ambaji 20 km from here. Abu Road can be reached also by trains to Ajmer and Jodhpur from Chennai reaching directly Abu Road.

Temple Timings:

6.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Temple Telephone Number:

+91-2749-262 136,264 536,262 626, 262 930

Temple Address:

Sri Jai Mata Di Temple


Gujarat state.



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