Gujarat – Dakor Dwaraka

Name of the Temple

Shree Ranchhordraiji Temple

Period of origin

Before 1500 years

Name of deity

Moolavar: Lord Krishna

Thayar: Rukmani


According to the Hindu belief, there are four eras namely the Sata Yuga, the Treta Yuga, the Dwapar Yuga and the Kaliyuga. Loard Krishna was born on Wednesday on the eighth day of Shravan Vada during Rohini constellation in the 863875th year of the Dwapar era that lasted for 864000 years and he lived for 125 years, one month and 5 days. With the demise of Lord Krishna, the Dwapar era came to the end and the Kaliyuga began. It is also believed mythically that in the Kaliyuga.

The tale of Bodana, a devotee of Lord Krishna, is famous among Hindu believers. It is said that pleased by the worship of Bodana, who used to offer Lord Krishna “Tulasiputra”, Lord Krishna came to Dakor on the 15th day of Karatak sud in samvat 1212 (1156 A.D.) from Dwaraka. On His way to Dakor from Dwaraka, Lord Krishna one day broke a branch of a bitter neem tree in the morning to brush his teeth on the edge of village Simalaj located just near Dakor. That particular branch of the neem tree has lost its bitterness ever since and turned into a sweet branch giving birth to the adage “Limadama ek dal meethee”. The neem tree exists even today near the temple of Bileshwar Mahadev on the way to Dakor from Umareth.

Myths also tell us that Gugali – Ambadi bhrahmins of Dwaraka made many attempts to bring the idol of Lord Krishna back to Dwaraka. It is said that these bhrahmins were offered gold equivalent to the weight of the idol of Lord Krishna by Bodana. Gangabai, wife of Bodana, put her nose-ring weighing one and a quarter val (a kind of pulse) on the scale and that lifted the idol of Lord Krishna on the other scale. The place where the idol of Lord Krishna was weighed still exists on the bank of Gomati lake.

The present temple in Dakor was built in 1772 A.D. It is a huge temple housing numerous artistic sculptures. Many years ago Bodana, a devotee of Lord Krishna lived in Dakor. He used to regularly go to Dwaraka on foot for the “Darshan” of Lord Krishna. As he grew old, he gradually started to loose his strength to walk and pleased by his devotion and worship, Lord Krishna came from Dhwaraka to Dakor to give Darshan to Bodana. By the fond insistence of Bodana, Lord Krishna stayed permanently at Dakor where he is famously known as Ranachhodrai. Thousands of devotees flock this place on the day of full moon every month with the chanting of “Jay Ranchhod” and offer flags to the temple. On the full moon day in the month of Fagun, a big fair of the pilgrimage is held in Dakor.

According to various Samhitas, this big and tallest Vaishnav temple of Lord Krishna in Kheda was constructed by Gopalrao Jaggnath Tambvekar of Tambve village of Satara district of Maharashtra in Vikram Samvat 1781.  The stone carving of this, in fact is today lying with Shri Bhalchandra Tambvekar of Tambvekar fimily.

According to historical facts, in 1769 when Shri Gopalrao Jaggnath Tambvekar, a Sharaf of Peshva Government, while going to Dwarka on foot. Got the natural instinct of having the real incarnation of Lord Ranchhodrai of Dwarka at Dakor during his stay at Vadodara.  He came at Dakor and offered darshan oft his state of Lord Ranchhodrai and build the temple after purchasing land in Dakor.  For maintenance  and daily expense of the temple the Peshva Government gave him Dakor and Gaikwad Government gave him Kanajari village as gift.


Situated on the bank of Gomati lake, Dakor is located at a distance of 95 kms from Ahmedabad, Gandhiangar – 125 kms, Vadodara – 104 kms, Ahmedabad – 95 kms. And Anand – 35 kms.

Temple Timings:

4:50 12 Noon,and 4.15 P.M. to 7.30 P.M

Temple Telephone Number:

0268 2550856, 0268 2556700, 0268 2552210,  9825049114

Temple Address:

Shree Ranchhordraiji Temple



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