Gujarat – Sri Dwarakadisa Temple

Name of the Temple

Sri Dwarakadisa Temple

Period of origin

Before 2000 years

Name of deity

Moolavar: Kalyana Narayanan, Dwarakadesan and Dwarakanathji.

Thayar: Kalyana Naachiyar, Lakshmi Shree.

Pushkarani: Gomathi river. Prabhas theertham

Vimanam: Hema kooda vimanam

Mangalaashaasanam: Periyalwar, Andal , Thirumangai Alwar, Thirumazhisai alwar, Nammalwar


Dwaraka is the sacred city where Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, spent most of His time during His appearance on earth five thousand years ago. He performed wonderful pastimes there, including expanding into 16,108 forms and creating 16,108 palaces for His 16,108 queens. In Vrindavana, Lord Krishna lived as a simple cowherd boy, but in Dwarka He lived as a wealthy prince. Krishna spent one hundred years here, longer than He spent in Vrindavana and Mathura combined. Modern-day Dwarka is a small city with an area of sixteen square miles and a population of around thirty thousand.

Dwarka means “gateway to the Supreme” or “city of gates.” Traditionally, an opulent city would have many gates, indicating the king’s confidence in protecting the city. The original city of Dwarka, described in the Srimad-Bhagavatam, the Mahabharata, and other Vedic scriptures, was a fort city built within the sea. Lord Krishna built Dwarka to protect His kinsmen, the Yadu dynasty, from repeated attacks by kings and armies intent on killing Him. By the will of the Lord, Dwarka disappeared into the sea at the time of the Lord’s departure from this world. Archaeological excavations have brought out from the sea many artefacts suggesting that an opulent city stood there in the distant past.

Srila Prabhupada writes: “The heavenly planets are more celebrated than the earth. But the celebrity of earth has defeated that of the heavenly planets because of Dvaraka, where Lord Sri Krishna reigned as king. Three places, namely Vrindavana, Mathura, and Dvaraka, are more important than the famous planets within the universe. These places are perpetually sanctified because whenever the Lord descends on earth He displays His transcendental activities particularly in these three places. They are perpetually the holy lands of the Lord, and the inhabitants still take advantage of the holy places, even though the Lord is now out of their sight.” (Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.10.27, Purport)

Krishna Married 16,108 queens! How did He interact with them…how they stayed …..

This questions always arises in the mind of a sincere seeker….. And their answer can instil great deal of faith for those visiting Dwarka.

“When Krishna was here He was performing different activities with each and every one of His queens intimately. None of them ever felt lonely for even a second. And when Krishna would rise early in the morning to perform His sadhana as a perfect ghrihasta, He would rise before the rooster crowed in the morning and He would perform mediation, perform pooja, giving charity and later in the day He would leave each of His 16108 palaces to go to perform his duties as Dwarkadish, the king of Dwarka assisting King Ugrasena and He would go to the Sudharma assembly house and the Srimad-Bhagavatam explains how He would leave his 16108 forms, but just before entering into the Sudharma assembly house all the forms would merge into one form and then he would rule the state of Dwarka. And when it was time to return home and meet his queens He would expand into 16108 forms and enjoy loving relationships with them. ”

“One may ask how is it possible that Krishna could live in 16108 palaces simultaneously. Because Krishna is the Absolute Truth, He is the embodiment of Adhyatamik Shakti, inconceivable potencies, He can do everything. And Krishna can do anything and when Krishna comes to this earth He wants to show His Supremacy. That if He came like an ordinary person who would chant His glories. Therefore He reveals his wonderful, wonderful inconceivable super excellent activities simply to attract all our minds.”

The present city Dvaraka (“Dwarka” on the map) is on the shore of Arabian Sea. It has a resident population of approximately 30,000, and a tourist population that fluctuates with the seasons. Even though it’s remote on the west coast in Gujarat state, devotees endeavour to come from far and wide to have the Darshan of Their Lordships Sri Sri Dwarkadhisa. Dwarka is one of the most important places to visit because it is one of the four prominent holy places in the cardinal directions of India: Dwarka (west), Jagannatha Puri (east), Rameswaram (south), and Badrinath (north). The atmosphere in Dwarka is peaceful. The people are pious and don’t seem harassed by many problems.

As per other legends This sthalam deals all the stories that deal with the way he became the king and ruled the empire and ended the Krishna Avathaar for which it is taken.

Vada Mathura is the sthalam which is the Janma Bhoomi (birth place) of Sri Krishnar; Aayarpadi is the sthalam where he was brought up and lead his childhood days and this sthalam, the Dwaraka is the place where his Punya Avathaar ended. Sri Krishnan showed his seva for Brahma devan, Indiran and all the other Devars and for Vasudevar and Devaki in prison in Vada Mathura divyadesam (Janma Bhoomi). The same Krsihnar showed his seva for Nandagopar who brought up Sri Krishnar in Aayarpadi.

After all of his duties are over and the purpose for which he took the Krishna Avathaar was over, he was killed by an archer, ulupadhan, who aimed at Sri Krishnar’s feet thinking it as an white pigeon. Thus, the avathaar of Sri Krishnar ended in Thiru Dwaraka. In Dwaraka Sri Krishnar showed his seva to Rukmani, Sathyabama, Jambhavathi and other Ashtamagarishis, his friends, his sons, neighbours and all of Aayars in Dwaraka. These all persons thought that Sri Kannan belongs to them, but he belongs to all the Jeevathmas in this mighty world.

Draupadhi who was also named as “Paanjali”, married Panja Pandavas and she treated Sri Krishnar as his own brother. When Draupathi was ill – treated in the midst of Duriyodhan’s palace, Sri Krishnar gave her clothes thereby protecting her. Thus, he gave his seva to Draupathi also.

There was a king in Mathura by named “Gargeya” who doesnt have any children. All the Yadhavas teased on him and as a result of it, he did a severe tapas towards Lord Shivan to bless with a son who would ride out the Yadhava families. Finally, on satisfied fully on the tapas of the king, he gave who was named as “Kaalayavannan”. Gargeya king and he handed over the Kingdom to him, so that he could ride away the Yadhavas. He collected all of his troops to make an attack on the Yadhavas.

Knowing this beofe, Sri Krishnar asked the ocean king to help him out from this, by giving a place in the ocean a small town can be created and is ruled by Sri Krishnar.

Sri Krishnar asked Vishwakarma to build the town in the land and the place was built in a beautiful way with lots of streets, theerthams etc. It was built so beautiful that on seeing it one can say that place as an entering point (Dwaram) to heaven. Since, this place served as the Dwaram (entering point) to the heaven, this sthalam is called as “Dwaraka”. So, Dwaraka is the place where all the Yadhavas in Mathura are transferred to Dwaraka.

Kaalayavannan attacked Mathura but at that time, since Sri Krishnar and Balaramar are born as a normal human being, they could not defend him and ran away from him and hide in to a cave. At the same time, Musukundan was resting there in the cave due to the strain against his fight again the devars.

Musukundan had got a peculiar varam and it is if any one kicks him, (or) whoever wakes him up they will be burnt to ash. Likewise, when Kaalayavannan entered into the cave and found Musukundan and awakened him. As soon as Musukundan opened his eyes, Kaalayavannan was burnt into ash. Finally, Musukundan felt on the feet of Sri Krishnar and asked for his Vimocchan. For that Sri Krishnar explained him that in his next birth and in the next Janmam he was blessed by Sri Narayanan in Badrikasramam.

Another person who got the blessings and seva of this sthalaperumal in Kuchelar, one of his poor brahmin and he was one of his friends. As soon as Sri Krishnar saw Kuchelar, he invited him and asked him to be seated.

Sri Krishnar asked him whats the reason he had come for to meet as if he doesnt know the reason. But, the Emperumaan can easily understand why he has come for. At that time, Kuchelar gave him some Aval (rice tht is converted to aval after being soaked in water then dried up and struck hard). On getting the Aval, Sri Krsihnar was so happy on Kuchelar and asked him that he will give some of his countries for him. But, poor Kuchelar doesnt want any of them, but he came only to see his one among his old friends. Admired by the great friendship character of Kuchelar, Sri Krishnar converted his old hut into a very big house and made him as a wealthy person. This shows how a relationship must be should be between the Paramathma and Jeevathma.

It is said that the Dwaraka sthalam exists in two parts. One is found near to the Dwaraka railway station and is known as “Gomuki Dwaraka” and the other is known as “Pate Dwaraka” which is found 20 miles away from Gomuki Dwaraka. It is believed that only in pate Dwaraka, Sri Krishnar lived along with all the Yadhavas and his pirattis.


This Divyadesam is found on Bombay-Oka port rail line.

To reach this Temple, one has to travel via Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Jam Nagar.

Dwaraka railway station is 20 miles away from Oka port and from there we can reach the Temple.

Temple Timings:

7.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 5.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

Temple Telephone Number:

+91 2892 235109, 234 080

Temple Address:

Sri Dwarakadisa Temple



Gujarat State.

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