Koviladi – Sri Appakudathan temple

Name of the Temple

Sri Appakudathan temple

Period of origin

Before 2000 years

Name of deity

Moolavar: Appakudathan, Appala Ranganathar

Thayar: Indiradevi, Kamalavalli

Pushkarani: Indhira Theertham

Vimanam: Indhira Vimanam

Mangalaashaasanam: Periazhwar, Tirumazhisai Azhwar and Tirumangai Azhwar


According to the sthala purnam, one of the the Pandyan Kings Uparisaravasar while hunting a rogue elephant by mistake killed a Brahmin performing tapas on the banks of the river and got affected with Brahmahathi Dhosham ( A Sin of Killing a Brahmin ). Repenting for his act, the king renounced his throne and wandered around, finally reaching Thirupper Nagar. One day Lord Siva appeared before the king and asked him to worship Lord Vishnu here in this kshetram to get rid of the Brahmahatthi Dhosham. There upon the king built a temple for Lord Vishnu and each day after worship offered food together with Appam, and Payasam to the Brahmins. One fine day Lord came to king’s place disguised as a Brahmin. He told the king that he is hungry and needed food. The king was surprised but he requested the Brahmin to wait till the other Brahmins also assembled. But Lord Vishnu in the form of a Brahmin conveyed to the king that he is too hungry and cannot wait. There upon, the king agreed to serve Him food. But to the surprise of the king the Brahmin ate all the food, and wanted some more. The king requested him to take rest and went in to cook some more. At that time Markandeya Rishi, who was informed by Siva to seek refuge in Lord Vishnu for longevity of life, was directed to the King’s place to worship Lord Vishnu taking rest as an old Brahmin.

Accordingly the Markandeya Rishi went to the king’s house where he saw the old Brahmin lying on the couch holding an appa kudam in one hand. Markandeya approached the Brahmin and bowed 100 times. Lord Vishnu regaining his original form lifted his hand from the appa kudam and blessed Markandeya with longevity of life. He also blessed the king to get rid of his brahmahathi dhosham. We find the moolavar in HIS Reclining Posture Holding Appakudam and Blessing Markandeya. Since Markandeya got his longevity of life the tank in this shetram is called Mruthyu Vinasini Theertham. This is the only Divyadesam Appam is being offered as Naivethyam.

Nammazhvaar sang the last of his Paasurams about Appaala Rangan before attaining Moksham. The only Divyadesam where Appam is the Naivethyam. Koviladi Appakudathaan Ranganathar Temple is one of the 7 temples referred by Thirumazhisai Azhavaar of Lord Vishnu in Reclining Posture ( Anantha Sayanam ) the other temples areSrirangam, Thiru Kudanthai (Kumbakonam), Anbil (Vadivazhagiya Nambi), Thiru Vallur, ThiruVekkaand Thiru Paarkadal. Moolavar is worshipped as Appa Kudathan in Reclining Posture facing West and Utsavar is also in the same name as Appala Rangan. Thayaris worshipped as Indira Devi and Kamalavalli. Koviladi is sung by Periyaazhwar with 33 Pasurams, Thirumangai Azhwar,Thirumazhisai Azhwar and Nammaazhwar, who attained moksham here and his last compositions were about this place and Lord Appankudathan.

Ekadashi means eleven. Ekam means one and Dasham means ten. There are two Ekadashis every month, the Suklabaksha and Krishnabaksha Ekadashis, comes on the 11th day from the Full Moon as well New Moon Days. Both the Ekadasis are equally important and have no difference at all. When the Lord created this material world, he also created a personality named Papa Asura, who is the reason for sinful activities so that to punish the sinful human beings. In order to control the Papa Asura, Yama Dharma came into existence, who will in turn send the sinful to his hellish world and punish according to the level of the sins made. But the Lord felt very sorry when the human beings suffer in the hell. In order to save them he created Ekadashi, manifestation of his own form. Hence Ekadashi is considered the Supreme of all the Vradhas and became the Utmost Pious of Activity. Once Ekadashi existed, most Humans followed and the sinful activities decreased drastically. Papa Asura became annoyed once Ekadashi existed, most Humans followed and the sinful activities decreased drastically. Papa Asura became annoyed and begged the Lord to save him stating that because of Ekadasi he became destroyed.  Being Papa Asura also his creation, in order to save him the Lord asked him to stay in the Grains on the day of Ekadasi. Hence on the day of Ekadashi complete fasting should be followed.  For those who cannot follow the complete fasting can take one food a lunch or dinner with No Food Grains should be taken.


This Divya shetram, also know as Thirupper Nagar is located very near to Trichy and is about 5 kms from Thiru Anbil Divyadesamand approximately round 25 kms from Trichy

Temple Timings:

8.30 a.m. and 12.00 a.m. and from 4.30 p.m. and 8.00 p.m

Temple Telephone Number:

+91- 4362 – 281 488, 281 460, 281 304

Temple Address:

Sri Appakudathan Temple,

Koviladi (Tirupair)-613 105,

Thanjavur district

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