Thiru Myilai, which is one of the sthalam found in Thondai Naadu, is now called with the name “Mylapore” is said to be a place where lots of divine humans and people who spread the divinity are born and are said to be leading their lives. Sri Aadhi Kesava Perumal temple is one of the famous temple found in Mylapore, has a small pond (where lots of different kinds of flowers are found). Likewise on Siddhartha year, Iyppasi month, Dhasami, Thursday in Sadhaya Natshatram (Star), Pei Alwar was born as a small child in one of the Alli flower, which is found in the pond. He is the Hamsam of one of the Panja Aayudham of Sriman Narayanan, the Sword (weapon of Sri Vishnu) which is called as “Nandhagam” in 7 A.D century.

Poigai Azhwar, Boothath Azhwar and Pei Azhwar are called Mudhal Azhwars. One day, in kanchipuram in a lotus Poigai Azhwar appeared. The very next day, boothath azhwar appeared in a flower in Mahabalipuram, and the next day pei azhwar appeared in Adi Kesava Perumal temple in Mylapore. One day when they were big, there was a storm, then Poigai Azhwar found a small cave and went inside and said “one person can lie down” and lied down. After some time Boothath Azhwar came and knocked the door. Poigai Azhwar opened the door and said “two persons can sit” and they sat. After a while Pei Azhwar came and knocked the door. Poigai Azhwar opened the door and said “three people can stand” so all three stood. Then Sriman Narayana himself came and squeezed them. Then Poigai Azhwar lighted the world as a lamp, oceans as oil and sun as the light and sang 100 pasurams. that lamp wasn’t enough so Boothath Azhwar said  love is the lamp and mind is oil and thoughts as thiri and sang another 100 pasurams. Then it was enough for Pei Azhwar to see the Perumal. Then Pei Azhwar said “Today, I am blessed to see Thayar in the Vakshasthalam (chest) of Perumal, the blue color of Perumal with Chakaram and Changu” and sang 100 pasurams. All 3 azhwars were happy to see the Perumal. Pey Alwar concluded by singing the third 100 verses starting with the words ‘ Tiruk Kanden, Pon Meni Kanden’ ( I found the glorious, golden form of the Lord’).

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