Poorattadhi – Sri Tiruvaneshwar temple

Name of the Temple

Sri Tiruvaneshwar temple

Period of origin

Before 1000 years

Name of deity

Moolavar: Tiruvaneshwar

Ambal: Kamakshi Amman

Star:  Pooruruttathi


Regardless of whether you have an easy or hard childhood, you will manage to find contentment in most things. You believe in justice and hard work. You engage in travel and may even settle down far from your place of birth. You are tenacious in attacking problems and you seldom withdraw from a task once your interest is captured. You never get disappointed and, therefore, you never quit. You are energetic and extremely active. You are a fairly good judge of human nature. Your capacity to love, and act generously because of that love, is enormous. However, your anger or hatred can be equally strong. After you develop a stable romantic relationship, you will learn to react less emotionally to others around you. Your focus will be on the women you love and on your children. You will be a proud and happy parent. You may have stomach or gastric problems.


You are practical, efficient, impartial and independent. However, you are extremely demonstrative and sometimes emotionally needy in the realm of inter-personal relationships. You are willing to do anything for the person you love. Beware of this tendency because it sets precedents that are hard to break. You tend to express all your feelings and emotions to those you trust. You will earn money through the government or large institutions. You are also careful in how you spend money. You are not above convincing or scheming if its suits your best interests. You get angry quickly, but you also forget your anger in hurry. You are adventurous and enjoy traveling. You may be involved in a couple of unsatisfactory relationships before you find the man who is worthy of you. The person who finally captures your heart will become lucky and wealthy because of you. You love to eat well and live well.


Kala Bhairava, the authority of Time, created seven days under the Poorattadhi star, took them on an elephant in procession.  According to the land history (Sthala Purana) this took place in this temple land. Vimana of the presiding deity (tower above the sanctum sanctorum) is called Gaja Kataksha Vimana.  It is believed that Iravadham elephant (white elephant) and Indira worship in this temple on Poorattadhi star days.

The great spiritual leader of the 20th century, His Holiness Kanchi Sri Maha Periaval chose this temple for meditation and stayed here for a week. Poorattadhi starrers are advised to visit this temple and worship as often as they could or at least on their annual birth star day.  Worshipping the Lord on these days would help developing mental stability and wisdom.  They are also advised to donate clothes of different colours to the poor which would protect them even in their subsequent births washing off all their doings committed knowingly or unknowingly.

We may recall that Sahadeva, last of the Pandava brothers was a man of letters.  He had a wonderful knowledge in astrology.  Duryodhana, the arch rival of Pandavas came to Sahadeva seeking an auspicious day to commence the war against them. He knows the integrity and honesty of Sahadeva who would not, even for high gains, would not betray even his enemy.  Sahadeva gave him the best and true prediction asking him to declare the war against them on new moon – Amavasya-day.  Worshipping in this temple would ensure such knowledge and noble mind to the devotee.  Yet, Lord Krishna played his own trick and advanced Amavasya to defeat the Duryodhanas.

His Holiness Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swamigal (Kanchi Periavar), Pontiff of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, spent a week in this temple in meditation.This is one of the 70 Mada temples built by Kochengat Chola. Special abisheks and pujas are performed in the temple on all Poorattadhi star days in the year.


The devotee should reach Tirukattupalli 17 km from Tiruvaiyaru. Ranganathapuram is 2 km south of Agarapettai from Tirukattupalli.

Temple Timings:

7.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. and from 5.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Temple Telephone Number:

+91 94439 70397, 97150 37810 ,97866 40927

Temple Address:

Sri Tiruvaneshwar Temple,

Ranganahapuram Post – 613 104,

Via Tirukattupalli,

Tiruvaiyaru Taluk,

Thanjavur district.

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