Name of the Temple

Sri Anantha narayana perumal Temple

Period of origin

before 2000 years

Name of deity

Moolavar : Anantasayana Perumal

Thayar:  Mahalakshmi


This famous ancient Vaishnava kshetra blesses the ardent devotees with the darsan of a colossal size of Lord Ranganatha measuring thirty feet in length. Its resemblance to the Anantha Padmanabhaswamy of Tiruvananthapuram in the immensity of size and posture does not end there itself, but continued in other features like the garbhagriha having three doors to enabling the devotees to view Him from head to feet. The face of the Mulavirat is made visible from the first door, chest from the second and legs and feet from the third. And lo! He is also called Anantasayana Perumal. The superb artistry of the sculptors deserves equal veneration, since its proportions, polish, decoration are exemplary and inimitable. The legends are many and they converge on one point, that it is in this holy kshetra, Mother Sita embellished herself with all the jewels left here before going to further South.. On the return journey to Ayodhya, after dushtasamhara she took them back. Among Maharshis Brighu and Markandeya worshipped this Lord and achieved their object. The temple has given equal importance to Saivate gods as evidenced by the Saivate symbols at several places, thereby establishing abheda between Hari and Hara, says the priest exuberantly. It is a very big temple with vastness in everything like towers, courtyards together with a great number of mandaps for parivaradevathas and imposing towers. Agamic worship is offered with due veneration. And the annual festivals are conducted with great eclat luring huge crowds.


It lies 3 km off Sikkal the renowned Saiva kshetra of Tamilnadu, accessible by bus.

Temple Timings:

7 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm

Temple Address:

Sri Anantha narayana perumal Temple

Senganur-612 504,

Tirupanandal post,

Tiruvidaimarudur Taluk,

Thanjavur district.