Ganapathy Agraharam – Sri Maha Ganapathy Temple

Name of the Temple

Sri Maha Ganapathy Temple

Period of origin

Before 1000 years

Name of deity

Moolavar: Ganapathy

Sthala Theertham: Cauvery

Sthala Vriksham : Vanni


Sage Agastya was undertaking severe penance on the hills of Coorg/Kudaku located on the east of Karnataka, there appeared maiden sacred rivers on their joyous journey passing through this particular place where Sage Agastya was immersed in meditation.  These maidens were merrily moved through this land creating undulating noises, due to this Sage Agastya was disturbed and got out of meditation.  Sage Agastya’s eyes were fallen on Cauvery, the most cheery maiden amongst the crowd, rest of them were humbly retrieved from the sight of the Sage.  Cauvery sarcastically looked upon the Sage and laughed out at the appearance of him.  Sage Agastya decided to teach a lesson to Cauvery and it turned out an opportunity for Cauvery to serve the humanity.  Consequently Cauvery was trapped in the vessel of Sage Agastya.  All the deities and Sages assembled in Indra Loka to discuss about the seriousness of this issue.  Lord Brahma advised to appeal to Lord Ganesha, who is the remover of obstacles.  All the deities and Sages approached Lord Ganesha and pleaded to release river Cauvery from the clutches of Sage Agastya.  Lord Ganesha disguised into a crow and moved towards Sage Agastya who was in deep meditation; the crow skillfully tripped the vessel on the ground.  Surprisingly, Cauvery leaped out of the vessel with all her charm.  Sage Agastya angrily opened his eyes and saw a small child stood before him and the vessel at a distance.  He furiously seized the child and gave a bang on his head with his knuckles.  The compassionate Lord Ganesha assumed his real form and disappeared instantly.  Sage Agastya was stunned at the sight of Lord and became hysterical, he lamented over his foolishness.  Lord Ganesha advised Sage to bid farewell to Cauvery and bless her to provide all the goodness to the world.  Sage Agastya felt miserable over his mistake and followed river Cauvery, visited many sacred shrines on his way.  Eventually, Lord Ganesha appeared before Sage Agastya who was utterly miserable upon the sin committed, advised him to remain calm and worship Lord in a particular method of banging on forehead with knuckles.  The sacred place where Lord Ganesha appeared before Sage Agastya is famously known as Ganapathi Agraharam located in Papanasam

As per legends the story goes in this way After punishing Akalya and Indra, Gauthama rishi undertook journey from place to place. During his journey he noticed a place which was parched and famine stricken..Men and animals were suffering immensely for want of food and drinking water. People welcomed Gauthamarishi, known for his expertise in Vedas and Sastras, and prayed him for helping them in their distress. The Rishi was moved by the prayers and welcome by the people, decided to do help them His intution revealed that a Vkgraham of Ganapathy sanctified by Rishi Agastyer was got burried in a spot of the village. He asked the people to dig it out and he chanted Ganapathy Adatchara Mantra before the idol. Then dark clouds appeared in the sky and there were down pour of rain in the entire village. The river Kaveri also took a turn and passed through the village. All due to the grace of Maha Ganapathi, Gautham Rishi and Sage Agasthyer. The entire village slowly became fertile and paddy, grams, vegetables etc appeared everywhere. The people became happy so also the cattles and other living beings.Thus the now famous Ganapathy Agraharam had come into being.The people then constructed a small temple for Sri Maha Ganapathy and he is there to protect everyone in that village. Though the temple is small and the idol of Ganapathy is small, it is very powerful and the idol looks cute and beautiful.

There is a specialty in that Agraharam which is unique. During the Pillayar Chaturti there is no puja in the houses of the residence but all come together and perform puja in temple only in a grand manner. The unity of the villagers is very commendable and worth emulating by others.It is beneficial for all of us to pray Maha Ganapathy every day before we commence our daily routine.


2 kms from Aduthurai Perumal koil and 12 Kms from Thiruvaiyaru.

Temple Timings:

6 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm

Temple Telephone Number:


Temple Address:

Sri Mahaganapathy temple

Ganapathy Agraharam


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