Sarangapani Temple-Aravamudhan Perumal

Name of the Temple

Sri Sarangapani temple

Period of origin

Before 2000 years ago

Name of deity

Moolavar: Aravamudhan, Sarangapani

Thayar: Komalavalli

Sthala Theertham: Cauvery and Arisal Aru, Hemavalli Pushkarini

Vimanam: Vaidega Vimaanam.


Sri Aandal – 1 Paasuram.

Periyalwar – 3 Paasurams.

Thirumizhisai Alwar – 7 Paasurams.

Boothatalwar – 2 Paasurams.

Peiyalwar – 2 Paasurams.

Nammalwar – 11 Paasurams.

Total – 51 Paasurams.


When it was time for the end of this world a huge pralaya came up. In order to save the vedha’s Amirtham and tools necessary to create lives on earth, lord Bhrama collected all these things and put them in a mud pot and kept the pot safety on the top of the Mountain Meru.

Pralaya kalam (ie) the period of non stop heavy rain came and the pot of bhrama was washed away by the flood. In due course moving in the south direction it came to halt at a particular place. Then for the wish of all devar’s (ie) heavenly people Lord Shiva broke the pot with an arrow. Immediately Amudham (ie) the liquit given eternity flowed from the pot and formed two tanks. One is known as Maha maga kulam and the othr Potramarai kulam. The remains of the pot and Amudham joined together to form “Lord Kumbeswarar”. In the name of the broken pot (ie) Kumbam that place was clled Kumbakkonam.

Once the Sage Brugu came to Vaikunda to test the patience and tolerance quality of Lord Vishnu by hitting on His chest.  Lord did not prevent the sage nor grew angry against him. But simply smiled.  Mother Lakshmi asked the Lord how He could allow other male to touch Her also while hitting Him as the chest of Lord is Her home.  The sage fell at the feet of Mother Lakshmi and said that he was given the job of finding a God so soft in nature for conducting a Yagna to whom it was to be dedicated.  I hit Lord for this test and meant no motives.  He also begged Mother that she should be born his daughter.  Mother Lakshmi happily blessed the sage.  She promised the sage to leave Lord for him and advised him to take on penance to realize his wish.   The sage performed penance in Kumbakonam and found Mother on the Hema Pushkarini Theertha on a Lotus.  He took the child and named Her Komalavalli.  He gave his daughter to Perumal in a grand wedding.  Perumal came to wed Mother holding a bow-Sarnga, hence is praised as Lord Sarangapani.  The place, thus is revered as the Avatara Sthala-birth place of Mother Komalavalli-Lakshmi.

Lord Ranganatha had settled down with the Prana Vaakruthi Vimaanam on the banks of Cauvery in Srirangam. The Lord also told Vibheeshana that he would settle down with the Vaidheega Vimaanaam at Kudanthai. Hence, this temple is 2nd only to Srirangam among the Divya Desams.

During 9th, A.D, divya prabatham was not compiled. It was scattered here and there. On that time in Kaatumannar kovil also called Veera Narayanapuram near Chidambaram there lived a man called Naadhamunigal.

He worked in the temple and one day he came to hear II paasurams which had “Aara Amudhey” as its beggning. The verse was so pure, gentle and devotional that Naadamunigal was completely take aback by it. He asked the two men about the verse and enquired them regarding the last line which hinted that these II paasurams or verses were among the other 1000 verses. But the men who sand said they were Unaware about the matter.

Somehow Naadamunigal wanted to find the rest of 1000 Paasurams. But he couldnt get any clues from the men and so he was very much worried. Suddenly he remembered the first line which began with the word “Aara Amudhe” so quickly he went to the Saarangapani temple in Kudanthai and started to pray hardly. Immedietely a flash ran in his mind the last line of the II Paasurams said that it was written by Sadagopan of Thirukurukur (ie, “Kurukur Sadagopan Kuralin Maliya sonna OOrayirathul”).

He thanked the god to remaind him and headed straightly to Thirukkurukur. There he came to know about the history of Nammalwar and his excellent diciple “Madhurakavi alwar” who treated Nammalwar as his god. Then he met Pharangusasadhasar who came in the way Madhurakavialwar who gave him II Paasurams (Starting with Kanninum Siruthambu…) sung by his guru. The verse was written by Madhurakavialwar in praise of his beloved guru Nammalwar.

Naadhamunigal was very happy and he went to the temple in Alwar Thirunagari (Thirukurukur) and sat in front of the Tamarind tree under which Nammalwar was sitting in his time.

He started to chant the II Paasurams of Madhurakavialwar without stopping for 12,000 times. Nammalwar appeared before Naadhamunigal and started to teach him all the 4000 paasurams and with a written copy of Dhivya prabantham. Naadhamunigal returned to Kaatu Mannar kovil Secessfully. Srimadh Naadhamunigal then divided the prabantha paasurams into 4 group each containing almost 1000 paasurams.

Henceforth Aaraamudha perumal of this Thirukkudanthai – Naatha munigal from Kaatu mannar kovil Nammalwar of Alwar Thirunagari all worked together to the rebirth of prabantham. Also the way in which Aaramudhan came to this place, bears a relation to Thirupathi and Sri Rangam. This temple Karbagraham (or) Moolavar sannathi has two entries one named Uthrayana vaasal and the other Dakshinayana Vaasal, both the terms deputing the Sun’s orbit. Hence this place is also treated incoherence with Thiruvellarai.

As Aaraamudhans appearence has a relation to the myths of the trinity Bhrama, vishnu Sivan this place can be treated inaccordance to Kadhambanoor and Kandiyur.

Once upon a time Therumazhisai Alwar came to have a dharsan of Aaraamudha perumal. He was very much impressed by his beauty and wanted to have a chat with him. So he prayed the Lord and after some times, the Lord Wanted to answer his prayer and hence he lifted his head from the sleeping posture and started to get up. But, Alwar didnt wanted to disturb his sleep and hence he requested perumal not to get up and to remain in the same posture so as to bless each devotee visiting him and to treat each one of them as Thirumazhisaialwar. The post of Aara Amudhan is called as Uthra Sayanam and he is thus called as Uthanasai.

As the Lord god accepted his devotees wish as he did in Kanchipuram, this place is coherent to Thiruvekka of Kanchipuram.

Once there lived a great Sri Vishnu bhaktha named “Narayaswamy” in Thirukudanthai. He was very rich but had no children. So at one stage he devoted all his money and wealth to the Aara Amudhan’s temple. His neighbors asked him to adopt a son to render rites and rituals after his death,

The Rajagopurams of the temples of Tamilnadu are noted for their height.  Srirangam tower is 236 feet tall and that of Srivilliputhur is 165 feet.  Kumbakonam Lord Sarangapani temple is the third 11 tier 150 feet tall.  The car-rath of the temple also is famous for its high artistic beauty – called Chithira Ther.  Saint Tirumangai Azhwar calls this as Rathabandham.

There is no swarga Vaasal at the Saarangapani temple. But about 100000 people are expected to attend the Vaikunta Ekadesi festival here.


Accessible distance of this temple very short from kumbakonam bus stand

Temple Timings:

0435 – 243 0349, 94435 – 24529.

Temple Telephone Number:

Sri Sarangapani Temple,

Kumbakonam – 612 001,

Thanjavur district.

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