Name of the Temple

Sri Arulmaakadal Perumal Temple

Period of origin

Before 2000 years

Name of deity

Moolavar: KripaSamudran, Arumaakadal

Thayar: Daya Nayaki Thaayar

Pushkarani: Manasa Pushkarani.

Vimanam: Nandha Vardhana Vimaanam.

Mangalaashaasanam: Thirumangaialwar


Thirusirupuliyur Divyadesam is one of the oldest Divyadesams dates back even to Garuda Puranam with 2 Praharams and a 75 feet height Raja Gopuram which is also  familiarly worshipped as Thirucchirupuliyur, Chalasayanam and Bala Vyagrapuram. Once there was a Sage named Vyagrapadhar underwent a rigorous penance towards Lord Shiva in Chidambaram to attain Moksham. Lord Shiva gave him his prathyaksham and asked him to go to Srirangam and Aranganathar is the one who only can bless him Moksham. Since Srirangam is far away from Chidambaram the Sage asked Lord Shiva to offer the Legs of the Tiger to reach Srirangam faster and he got that too. But due to his old age and the poor eye sight the Sage went in a different direction and wasable to reach only Thiru Sirupuliyur instead of Srirangam. Since he could not proceed further, he underwent a penance here itself. Pleased Paranthaman appeared in front of the Sage in HIS Gigantic Kidantha Thirukkolam ( Sayana Posture ) as lord blesses in Srirangam Divyadesam. It is believed that the Lord originally gave darshan to the Rishi as Lord Aranganathar in his Full Form as big as in Srirangam. Since the Sage was with poor eye sight, the lord later blessed him in the form of tiny form in his Bala Sayanam. The special feature of this Thirusirupuliyur Divyadesam is that the lord can be worshipped in Sayana Posture Facing South, which can be worshipped only in 2 of the total 108 Divyadesams, the first one is Srirangam and the other one is this Thirusirupuliyur Divyadesam. Besides this is the One and Only Divyadesam to have a separate shrine for Adhisheshan. Moolavar is blessing as Arulmadakadal, Salasayana Perumal in Bhujanga Sayanam Facing South. Thayar is Saaranayagi. Utsava Morrthy is worshipped as Kiruba Samudra Perumal. The idol of Vyagarapadhar is placed at the foot of the Lord in Moolasthanam.

Egoistic Fight between Garuda and Adisheshan – Once Garudan and the Serpant Adhisheshan on whom Paranthaman reclines got into a egoistic fight that who was more powerful and devoted to the lord. They came down to this Thirusirupuliyur Divyadesam and asking the lord for the solution. Lord appeared as Kirupasamudran and by seeing Garudan more arrogant, HE went in favour of Adhiseshan. Disappointed Garudan became more anger and as a result of which Garuda Never flies over this place even now. By seeing angry Garudan, Snake God got freighted and expecting an angry reaction from Garudan begged lord to save him. Pleased lord asked him to roll himself and lie under HIM. Since then Adhisheshan became his bed

Athi Varadahar – The original Moolavar made out of the tree “Atthi” which was immersed in the temple tank is being taken out from the tank once in 40 years and placed for the 10 days worship. The next worships come in the Year of 2019. The street procession of Lord Varadharajan on his Garuda Vahanam is being celebrated in a grand manner in the Tamil month of Vaikasi. The Golden and Silver Lizards – Once the disciples of the sage “Gauthama Rishi”, was careless and a Lizard jumped out from the water they placed in front of his guru. By noticing this sage got angry and cursed the disciples to become Lizards. They got then relieved when Indhiran came here as Gajendran to worship Varadarajan here. It is strongly believed that the people who prays Moolavar Varadarajan and touches the Lizards on their way out will get cured from all their chronic diseases and disorders.

The Saints and Kanchipuarm Kanchi Varadar Temple is the place where Thirumanagai Azhwar got money for the construction of compound around Sreerangam Divyadesam. This is the One and Only Divyadesam where Vedhantha Desigar eneters into the Main sanctum in the Tamil month of Purattasi. Even the Azhwars have not this privilege. Thirukacchi Nambigal used to fan the lord to prevent Him from the heat and he used to have a interaction him daily. When Sreeman Ramanujar, who served the lord in Kanchipuram had to be moved to succeed Alavandhan in Sreerangam. Thirukkachi Nambigal had got permission from the lord, hence Kanchi Varadhar got the credit of giving Sreeman Ramanuja to Sreerangam.


It’s about 2 miles from Kollumankudi which is on the Aranthangi – Maayavaram railway route.

Temple Timings:

7am –12noon and 5pm-8pm

Temple Telephone Number:

99946 48980, 04366 233477,04144 220425

Temple Address:

Sri Arulmakadal Perumal Temple,


Tiruvarur Dist.