Thirubuvanam – Sri Kambahareswara Swamy Temple

Name of the Temple

Sri Kambahareswara Swamy Temple

Period of origin

Before 2000 years

Name of deity

Moolavar: Sri Kambahareswarar

Ambal: Sri Dharmasamvardhani

Sthala Theertham: Sarabar Theertham

Sthala Virksham: Vilvam


Kambaharesvarar Temple was built by the king Kulothunga III (1179 AD – 1216 AD) and is a good example of the Chola style of architecture. Hiranyan, the Demon (asura) who had obtained boon from Brahma, tormented the devas continuously. The devas who were perturbed appealed to Lord Maha Vishnu. Lord Vishnu told to devas that he will make a Narashimma Avatar and kill Hiranyan. However Hiranyan’s son Pragalathan is an avid devotee of Lord Vishnu. So Hiranyan tried killing Pragalathan in many ways despite the fact that he is his son, but he was not successful. Every time he attempted to kill Pragalathan Lord Vishnu saved Pragalathan. Pragalathan kept on preaching to his father and his fellow demons that Lord Vishnu is supreme of all gods. One day Hiranyan asked Pragalathan where is Vishnu? Show me and I will kill him and prove that I am superior to Vishnu. Pragalathan replied saying that he is there everywhere in this universe. He continue saying, Lord Vishnu is there in every small object in this world and he is there even in this pillar while he was standing next to one of the pillars in the palace. Hiranyan got angry on his son’s words and he kicked the pillar to check whether Lord Vishnu is there. Lord Vishnu came out of it in the form of Narashimma Avatar (Narashimma avatar means, he has a lions face and human body). Narashimma avatar is the most ferocious forms of Vishnu avatars. Vishnu killed the demon king and he drank the Hiranyan’s blood. Hiranyan’s blood was so evil even Narashimma Murthy (lord Vishnu) got disturbed and he started destroying the world due to uncontrollable anger. All Rishis and Devas got frightened on the situation and pleaded to Lord Shiva to save the world from Narashimma Murthies anger. Lord Shiva took a Sarabeswarar form and started chasing the Narashimma Avatar of Vishnu. Sarabeswarar is a form of as half animal and half bird with 8 legs, 4 hands, 2 feathers and sharp tooth, nails that was looking ferocious. Narashimma got frightened by looking at Sarabeswarar and started running away. At one point of time, Sarabeswarar touched Narashimma then Narashimma’s anger went away and he got calm. In this temple the Urchavar (Urchavar is small idol of god which is taken to procession around the temple during festivals)is the “Sarabeswarar”. The main deity is called as Kambahareswarar as he helped overcoming the fear of all.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple enshrines Kambasarbeswarar as the presiding deity, worshipped in the form of a Shiva linga. The Utsava Murti of the temple is Sarabamoorthy –in the form of a half animal – half bird.The 160 ft high tower(Gopuram) of the sanctum sanctorum boasts several exquisitely carved sculptures. There are two gopurams and two praharas; the karpagraha, artha mandapam, maha mandapam and muha mandapam and Somaskandar mandapam.The Karpagraha is square-shaped. The Vimana has six bases and sculptures of the scenes of Puranas on its walla. Some of other shrines in the temple are – Murugan, Dharmasamvardhini amman, Sarabar and many more shrinesAn exclusive Sarabeswarar shrine is very special here unlike in other temples where he will be seen only on pillars.


8 km from Kumbakonam on Thiruvidimarathur road.

Temple Timings:

6.00 am to 12.30 noon – 4.00 pm to 8.50 pm

Temple Telephone Number:


Temple Address:

Sri Kambahareswara Swamy Temple,

Thirubuvanam (Po.),


Thanjavur (Dt). PIN : 612 103.


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