Name of the Temple

Arulmigu Mullaivananathar Alayam

Period of origin

Before 6 th century.

Name of deity

Moolavar: Mullaivananathar


Sthala Theertham: Brahma Theertham

Stalavriksham: Mullaikodi (jasmine)

Dhevaram: Appar, Thirugnanasampanthar and Sundarar


One of the Pancha Aranya Sthalam known to be “MULLAIVANAM” the first in order.Ushakala (Pooja performed in the Morning) is very famous in this sthalam.

There was a Rishi named Niruthuvar lived with his wife Vathigai in this place. One day the muni went to see Varunan leaving his pregnant wife in the ashram, at that time a saintOorthuvapatharcame there. she was unable to move fast and give food to that saint because of her labour time. He got angry and cursed her. she got sad and came here worshiped Goddess. Parvathi took the avatar of Karukatha Nayagi (Garbarakshambigai) and appeared before Vethigai and protected the womb by holding it in a “kalasam” (divine pot). The goddess has protected the fetus and blessed to grow in a divine pot until its maturity. Hence the Goddess came to be known as Garbarakshambiga (Garba = womb Raksha = protect). Here we have to remember about the test tube baby, this is happened thousands of years before in our holy country India.

Here lingam is Suyambu. This place was covered with full of jasmine plant and we can see the marking in the body of linga, hence Lord Shiva is called as Mullaivananathar.

Brahma, Karkiyar muni, Gowthamar and Chandran had worshiped the Lord here.

Here Ambal Garbarakshambikai has a separate shrine with a prahar and mandap. It is said that the couples who are not blessed with a child for many years will be blessed by ambal if they perform the parikar of smearing ghee on the steps. They have to consume the ghee that was offered to ambal for 48 days. This is not a belief but a truth which is happening now. Once the couple is blessed with the child they have to bring the child to the temple and place the baby in the golden cradle available here and go around the prahar.

Here anointing (Abisekam) is not performed to lingam because the ligam is suyambu (Ants mud) and it is believed that it is protected for all these thousands of years by applying“punugu sattam”. There is a belief that incurable diseases will be cured if we offer punugu sattam to the lord.

West faced Rajagopurm welcomes us with five stages. and a separate entrance at south, Nandhavanam, Vasantha mandap are situated in first prahar.

Inside the premises Murugan, Vinayagar(suyambu) , Nanthi(suyambu), 63 Nayanmars, two Balipedam, Dakshinamoorthy, Gajalakshmi and a lingam worshiped by Niruthuvar Rishi are seen.

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[tabtext]Opening Hours[/tabtext]

[tab]Arulmigu Mullaivananathar Alayam
Thirukarugavur (PosT)
Papanasam (taluk)
Thanjavur (Dist)

04374 273423


[tab]The temple is 25 km east of Thanjavur and 20 km west of Kumbakonam.


[tab]7 am to 12 pm and 4.30 pm to 9 pm[/fusion_old_tab]


1. Manees Residences, Srinivasampillai road, Thanjavur
PH: 04362 271574

2. Karthik Hotel, Old Bus Stand, Thanjavur
PH: 04362-278662

3. Hotel Lion city, 130, Gandhiji Road, Thanjavur
PH: 04362-237565

1. Hotel Sangam, Trichy Road,
PH: +91 4362 234151/ 234026

2. Hotel Parisutham 86, G.A. Canal Road, Thanjavur
PH: +91 4362 231801/ 231844 (10 Lines)

3. Hotel Oriental Towers, Srinivasa Pillai Road, Thanjavur
PH:231467/ 230724




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