Name of the Temple

Sri Mayapriyan Perumal Temple

Period of origin

Before 2000 Years

Name of deity

Moolavar: Maya Piran

Thayar: Por Kodi Nachiyar

Pushkarani:  Pragnya saras, Poonsunai Pushkarani

Vimanam: Purusothama Vimanam

Mangalaashaasanam: NamAzhvaa


Virukshadharbi, who was the son of Sibhi Chakravarthy, ruled an empire where there was flood and there was no proper vegetation and the wealth and the beauty of the entire empire seems to be decreasing. At that time, the king thought, if any Offerings is given to Sapta Rishis, it might increase the wealth and beauty of the Empire. As a result of this, he thought of giving the Offerings to Saptha rishis. But, Sapta Rishis did not accept his offerings, since if any flood (or) decrease in the wealth and health in the entire empire is due to some reasons of the ruling king. So, they found some problem might by with virukshadherbi and did not accept the offerings. But, he wants them to accept his Dhaanam, and as a result of this, he asks his palace officials to keep some gold inside the fruits and give them that, so that they will accept that and simultaneously his offerings is also accepted. But, knowing the truth that some gold are placed inside the fruit through their Gnana Dhirusti, they did not accept the fruits also. After the fruits which are given as offerings is being rejected by the Sapta Rishis, Virukshadharbi got angry on all 7 Rishis and tried them to kill and as a result of this cruel mind, he started an Yaagm in which a lady demony named “Kiruthyai” arise and he ordered the demon to kill all the sapta Rishis. But, knowing this, the Sriman Narayanan send Indiran to destroy the Kiruthyai demon and thereby protecting Sapta Rishis. Likewise, Indran killed the demon and all the Sapta Rishis got the seva of the Narayanan and got their Mukthi.

This sthalam is constructed and perumal is done the pradhistai by Bhima. When seeing from out, this temple is situated slightly above the surface. The temple is square in shape and has to climb some steps and after climbing the steps, we can enter into the temple.

According to the hymns of Nammazhwar, it appears there was big city in the region. Also according to the ancient Tamil Grammar text Tholkappiam, there were 12 divisions in Tamilnadu. Kuttanadu is one among them which people now call Kuttanadu Tirupuliyur. Perumal in the temple graces in a standing form facing east. The vimana – tower above the sanctum sanctorum is known as Purusha Sukta Vimana.

The Pandavas are said to have visited the Divya Desams in Kerala and each of the five Pandava brothers are believed to have built one temple in this region (around Chengannur). Bheema undertook penance at this place and created the Puliyur Divya Desam. Hence, this place is referred to as Bheema Kshetram.

Makara Atham Nakshatram – Brahmotsavam, Thiruvonam Makara Sankara Nakshatram- Kavadi Aattam are the festivals celebrated here.


This sthalam is situated 3 1/2 miles away from Sengannoor in west. We can reach this Kshetram by getting down in Sengannoor railway station

Temple Timings:

5am-11am and 5pm-8pm

Temple Telephone Number:

0479-246 4825

Temple Address:

Arulmigu Mayappiran Thirukkoil,
Thiruppuliyur (Kuttanad) – 689510,
Alappuzha District.
Kerala State.