Thiruvaiyaru – Sri Panchanathiswarar Temple

Name of the Temple

Sri Panchanathiswarar Temple

Period of origin

Before 6 th Century

Name of deity

Moolavar: Panchanathiswarar or Ayyarapar

Ambal: Aramvalartha nayaki or Dharma samvardhani

Sthala Theertham: Vennaru, Vettaru, Vadavaru, kudamuruti, Kollidam..

Stalavriksham: Vilvam

Dhevaram: Appar, Gnanasampanthar and Sundarar


This is the place said to be that Lord Shiva started for Nandhi’s Marriage

Once Apaar decided to visit kailash.When he reached upto kasi,he was unable to move because of his old age. Hence he prayed to Lord shiva.Lord came in front of him and gave a boon of taking a dip at kasi and getting up at Thiruvaiyaru where Kailash dharshanshown.we can see the pond where he came up which taste salty. water sources near by taste good but for this pond. Kailash Dharshan Urchavam celebrated at Aadi Ammavasai here.Hence it is called Dhakshin kailash

Once a King who made all illegal thing in world was in his dead bed he called upon his wise son asked him when the king dies he has to get mukthi for him and he died after some time his son took the Chethabasmam (ash of dead king) to all over Indian temple he cant fulfill his fathers wish at that time he visited Thiruvaiyaru and he kept that ash at bank of theertham and took a holy dip,when he came back he noticed that the ash pot changed into Shiva Lingam.Now also we can see a sculpture near Chandikeswarar as a prof.

Oblations to the manes done here consider to be world fame it said to be that giving Tharpanam in the bank of cauvery to ancestor is greater than doing in Kasi.

The Lord worshiped himself at chitharai(In Tamil)month for five days an other big celebration here.

This is Lord Nandhi birth place

Here UYYAKONDAR(Lord shiva) guarded the child named Susarithan from Yama in the form of dwarabalaka.This festival is celebrated in the month of Karthika

Saptha Sthana Thiruvizha is one of the major festival celebrated here, at he time of festival images of Shiva from Tiruvaiyaru are taken in procession to each of the seven Saptastana temples is of great significance.

There are 320 Procession of the main deity in one year is a remarkable one.

The Thiyagaraja Arathana at this place is world famous one.

There is no separate shrine for Lord Vishnu as we seen in other temples,since it is believed that Lord Vishnu himself in the form of Goddess Dharma samvardhdhani with sanku and chakara in her hand.

Suriyan, vali, Indira had worshiped here.It is believed that Indra one who started the twelve day Brahmostav here.

A very big temple consists of a Nine stages east Rajagopuram, 108 kaal(leg)mandap, Dhandapani sanathi, Nanthi, two vinayaga in one sanathi, Nirthamandap.

In the first prahar, we can see Shiva guru yoga Dhakshna moorthy. It said that the Jada mudi of lord Shiva is present at the back of temple, so we are not allowed to make a full round.

In the Second Prahar, Japesa or Mukthi mandap, Dhanusu Subramaniar(with bow and arrow),Meenakshi sundareswarar, Mukshakthi Mandap, Jurahareswarar and Chandikeswarar are seen.

In the Third prahar lord make seven rounds during Festival period. The oli mandap a fine architectural by its own where we make a sound “Ayyara” which gives us Echo for seven times.

out side the premises we can see salt pond where Lord Shiva shown Kailash Dharshan to Appar.

Temple Timings:

6am to 1pm and 4pm to 8 pm

Temple Telephone Number:

04362 260332

Temple Address

Sri Panchanathiswarar Temple
Thiruvaiyaru (Taluk)
Thanjavur (Dist)

Economical hotels and lodges:

1. Manees Residences, Srinivasampillai road, Thanjavur
PH: 04362 271574

2. Karthik Hotel, Old Bus Stand, Thanjavur
PH: 04362-278662

3. Hotel Lion city, 130, Gandhiji Road, Thanjavur
PH: 04362-237565

Luxury Hotels

1. Hotel Sangam, Trichy Road,
PH: +91 4362 234151/ 234026

2. Hotel Parisutham 86, G.A. Canal Road, Thanjavur
PH: +91 4362 231801/ 231844 (10 Lines)

3. Hotel Oriental Towers, Srinivasa Pillai Road, Thanjavur
PH:231467/ 230724

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