Thiruvanparisaram – Sri Kuralappa Perumal Temple

Name of the Temple

Sri Kuralappa Perumal Temple

Period of origin

Before 2000 years

Name of deity

Moolavar: Thirukkuralappan, Thiruvazhmarban.

Thayar:  Kamalavalli Nachiyaar

Pushkarani: Lakshmi Theertham

Vimanam: Indra Kalyana Vimanam

Mangalaashaasanam: Nammazhwar


The Moolavar of this sthalam is Thirukkuralappan. He is also named as “Thiruvaazh maarbhan”. Moolavar in Veetrirundha (sitting) thirukkolam facing his thirumugham towards East direction. Prathyaksham for Vindhai, Kaari, Udaya Nangai and Garudan. The Kshetra is the birthplace of Udaya Nangai (mother of Nammazhwar).

During the 18 day Kurukshetra Bharata battle, the wheel of Karna’s chariot was stuck in the ground.  While Karna was engaged to lift the wheel leaving his weapons in the chariot, Arjuna took the opportunity and killed him.  Though Arjuna acted successfully, the guilt of killing one when unarmed troubled his mind and he could not excuse himself.  What more troubled him was the thought that he, noted for his law abiding nature should not have committed a disgraceful sin.

Every Pandava established a temple during their journey in Kerala.  Arjuna established this temple, performed penance on Perumal and was rewarded with the Darshan of Lord in the form of Parthasarathy.  It is here he hid his weapons in the Vanni tree, according to scriptures.  Arjuna thus got himself cleansed of his sins with the grace of Lord Perumal. Lord Tirukuralappan graces in a standing form facing east.  The vimana-tower above the sanctum sanctorum- is called Vamana Vimanam.  Sage Veda Vyasa and Lord Brahmma had the darshan of the Lord.  Once, two demons Madhu and Kaidaba snatched the Vedas from Brahmma who sought the grace of Lord Perumal to recover them.  Perumal destroyed the demons and recovered the Vedas.  Brahmma performed penance here on Perumal as a token of his gratitude to Lord.

It is here Arjuna hid his weapons in the Vanni tree during Pandava’s life incognito. The nuts falling from this Vanni tree is heaped around the flag post of the temple and sold to devotees. Aaraattu Vizha is celebrated grandly on the Tiruvonam star day in Thai month (January-February) in the temple.


Buses from Chenganur to Pathanamthitta running via Aramula stop at Vanjipadi. The devotee can reach the temple from Vanjipadi. Chenganur is connected by bus with all districts of Kerala.

Temple Timings:

4.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Temple Telephone Number:

+91- 468 – 221 2170.

Temple Address:

Sri Kuralappa Perumal Temple




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  1. Thiruvanparisaram ( also called as Thirupathisaaram) temple in near nagercoil in kanyakumari district. Firstly this is not the photo of the temple at thiruvanparisaram. This photo is of thirukurungudi , i believe. The name of moolavar, thayar and pushkarani are right. But the sthalapuranam given here is of THIRUVARANVILAI in pathanamthita , kerala.
    Both moolavars at thiruvanparisaram and thiruvaranvilai have the same name THIRUKURALLAPPAN.
    Really appreciate your effort to give details about temples.

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