Thiruvazhunthoor – Sri Devaadi Raja Perumal Temple

Name of the Temple

Sri Devaadi Raja Perumal Temple

Period of origin

Before 2000 years

Name of deity

Moolavar: Devadhirajan, Aamaruviappan

Thayar: Sengamalavalli

Pushkarani: Darshana Pushkarini

Vimanam: Garuda Vimaanam

Mangalaashaasanam: Thirumangaialwar


Lord Krishna got angry and crushed the shadow of the chariot of King Uparisaravasu with his leg, when it burnt his cows. This made the chariot to collapse and the ego of the King Uparisaravasu also burnt due to lord krishna’s curse. Hence this place got its name Therazhunthur (Ther means Chariot in Tamil). Moolavar Devaadirajan is of 10 feet tall having Lord Gauruda to his left and prahalatha along with Markanteya Maharishi to his right. He has Gadhayudham (his weapon) in his left hand. River Cauvery too is there kneeling at his lotus feet. On every Fridays, the thaayar Sri Sengamalavalli is giving Dharshan as “Vaibava Lakshmi”. Azhundoor, Azhundhai, Therazhunthur are the other names of this Divyadesam .

Once Lord Garudan was given a Vimanam and a Vairamudi by Dhevendran. He asked garudan to distribute both to a Dhivyadesam which is very suitable. Lord garudan gave Vairamudi to Thirunarayanapuram , Melkote near Mysore and the Vimanam at Therezhudur temple. Hence the Vimanam got the name of Garuda Vimanam. Lord Garudan stands with the Perumal in the garbagraham which is a very rare occasion. Utsavar Aamaruviappan stands with a very beautiful calf along with his two wives. Normally Lord Krishna Gives Dharshan only with two hands but in Thiruvazhunthoor – Sri Devaadi Raja Perumal Temple, he poses with four hands with Rukmani and Satyabama on his sides and cow and a calf nearby only in this temple.

There is a story behind Lord  Aamaruviappan. Once Lord Brahma, because of his ego stole all the cows of Ayarpadi which were under Lord Krishna’s custody and locked them at Theruzhunthur. Lord Krishna came to know this and created a whole new heard of cows. Lord Brahma realizing his mistakes then asked Lord Krishna to forgive him. He asked Lord Krishna to stay permanently at this place and bless all the people who seek his help. Utsavar Lord  Aamaruviappan is brought for Thirumanjanam (ceremony of bathing the lord) in river Cauvery many times each year. Lord Krishna i.e. Lord Aamaruviappan is dressed up as Lord Rama and brought in Ceremony near the Vedapuriswarar temple (Lord Shiva’s temple). There’s a beautiful unjal Mandapam (Unjal – Joola – Swing) in this temple. The great Tamil Poet Kamban, who wrote Kamba ramayanam was born here only at Therazhunthur.  Inside the Rajagopuram, poet kamban and his wives images are beautifully carved. The place where Kamban resided, on the Sannidhi street, has now been turned into a beautiful new ‘Kamban Mandapam’. It is believed that this was the place where Sage Markandeya performed penance here to get Moksham.

Manavala Maamunigal has done Mangalasasanam to this temple. Moolavar has golden Kreedam, Sagasranama necklace, Dasavathara Udhara Malai, Golden anklet, goddess Alarmel mangai in his heart diamond Thiruman (sacred symbol of Vaishnavities). There are separate Sannadhis for Sri Vasudevar Sannadhi and Sri Narasimhar . there is also a sannadhis for Lord Sri Ramar. In this Sannadhi, Sri Ramar (both moolavar and utsavar) are found in Nindra THirukkolam facing east direction. Beside Lord Sri Ramar, Seetha Piratti, Lakshmanan and Hanumar are also giving Dharshan. Sri Vishwaksenar Sannadhi is separate in front of Sri Vasudevar Sannadhi. Sri Vishwaksenar is otherwise called as “Senai Mudaliar” (the chief of the army of the Perumal).

Sri Alwars Sannadhi is on the Outer Pragharam in front of Thaayar Sannadhi.  Sri Andal Sannadhi is in the Outer Pragharam where both Moolavar and Utsava Vigraham (Idol) are found. Thiruvadi Pooram and Margazhi – Koodara Valli are the special occasions for Sri Andal. There is a Sri Kambar Sannadhi, as soon as we enter the temple, on the left side where poet  Kambar and his wife are worshipping the Perumal in standing position. Sri Hanuman Sannadhi is located Opposite to the Kodi maram. Lord Hanuman gives Dharshan in Nindra kolam facing his Thirumugam on the north direction. Prahalad who had seen an aggressive and angry Lord Vishnu killing Hiranyakashipu in his Narasimha Avataar undertook penance here wanting to see a softer, quieter version of the Lord. Legend has it that the Lord gave darshan to Prahalad here in his not so ‘angry form’.

Sage Agasthya wanted to wed Cauvery. When she refused, the sage locked her here. Cauvery escaped from this place only to be cursed by the Sage that the place where Cauvery goes be in trouble. Cauvery undertook penance here at TherEzhendur to get liberated from the curse of Sage Agasthiya.

Sri Ramar Utsavam and Vasantha Utsavam in Chithirai month, Brahma Utsavam in Vaikasi month, Sri Andal Utsavam in Aadi month, Sri Jayanthi Utsavam in Aavani month, Sri Desikar Utsavam in Puratasi month, Pavithra Utsavam in Iyppasi month, Utsavam for Thirumangai Alwar and Deepa Utsavam in Karthigai month, Pagal Patthu and Raa Patthu Utsavam Margazhi month, Thai Month – Garuda seva, Punar Poosam and Magam Utsavam Maasi month, Sri Sengamalavalli Thaayar Utsavam in Panguni month are the Festival celebrated in this temple


From Mayavaram, take bus to Kumbakonam, get down at Komal Road stop ( 9 kms from Mayavaram). Take another bus to Ther Ezhendur ( 2 kms from there)Bus Nos. 10A, 10B, 10C ply directly from Mayavaram to Ther Ezhendur. There is also a direct bus (No. 33) from Kumbakonam.

Temple Timings:

07.30 am to 12.00 am and 5.00 pm to 08.30 pm

Temple Telephone Number:

04364 237 952, 99440 39572, 97917 69942

Temple Address:

Sri Devathirajan Temple,

Sannidhi Street,

Therazundur – 609 808,

Nagapattinam District,


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