Name of the Temple

Sri Kolavilli Ramar Temple

Period of origin

Before 1500 years

Name of deity

Moolavar: Kolavilli Ramar

Thayar : Maragathavalli

Pushkarani:  Shukra, Parasurama, Brahmma and Indra

Vimanam: Pushkalavartha Vimaanam.

Mangalaashaasanam: Thirumangai Alwar


The lord is present in the reclining pose and the utsavar is known as Sringara sundaram. Markandeya Maharishi appears near the Lord’s head, Bhoomidevi at the foot, Brahma in the centre and the Lord’s feet are placed over Lotus. There are two prakarams in the temple. The temple is close to Senganoor/Chenganoor which is the birth place of Periyavachan Pillai.

Lord Perumal blesses the devotees in his Bhujanga Sayana-reclining form. The vimana above the sanctum sanctorum is of Varthaga Vimana design. Shukra, Lord Brahmma, Indira, Sage Parasurama, Mayan the divine sculptor had the darshan of Lord in this temple. Senganur, the birth place of eminent Vaishnavite Scholar Periavachan Pillai is near this place. Kanchi Acharya His Holiness Sri Chandra Sekharendra Saraswathi Swamigal – Kanchi Periavar – stayed here to execute renovations.

As Lord Shukra (Venus) also known as Velli was in penance at this place this sthalam is called as “Velliankudi”.

The belief is that worshipping Perumal in this temple equals to worshipping him in all 108 Divya Desa temples. Planet Shukra-Venus is worshipping Perumal in the form of a ever burning lamp as a token of his gratitude to Lord who restored his vision. Of the Navagraha importance places, this belongs to Shukra. A plantain that came through rocks still exists here yielding fruits once a year. This is the only Divya Desa temple where Garuda Bhagwan blesses devotees with four hands holding discus and conch (chakra and shanku).

Lord Maha Vishnu, in His Vamana Avatar, sought three feet of land from emperor Mahabali. Shukra was the Guru of Mahabali. When Mahabali was to offer the three feet land to Vamana, knowing his design, Shukra took the form of a bee and blocked the handle hole of the water bowl to prevent Mahabali obliging Vamana’s wish. Vamana the Lord, removed the bee inside (shukra) with a grass stem to facilitate flow of the water to solemnize the charity. The stick hit one eye of Shukra. He lost vision of that eye. Shukra visited many places to regain the vision of the one eye, finally landed here, worshipped Perumal and got back his vision. There is also a different story prompting Shukra to choose this place for his penance.

Viswakarma, the celestial sculptor built a temple for Perumal. Seeing the beauty of the temple, Mayan, also a skilled sculptor but belonging to demon community felt that he could not do one for Perumal like this. He approached Lord Brahma to help him who suggested that he should perform penance on Lord Perumal in this place. Mayan performed penance here. Perumal granted him darshan but Mayan wished the Ramavatara darshan. Granting him the boon, Lord left his discus and conch with Garuda and granted darshan to Mayan as he wished. So Shukra-Velli chose this place of great glory for his penance to regain his vision. This is also a reason why the place was named Tiruvelliangudi. Of the 108 Divya Desas of Perumal, this is the only temple where Garuda Bhagwan appears with 4 hands holding discus and conch. Also this is the only place where plantain grows on a rock yielding fruits once a year even today. Lord Perumal graces in the temple in reclining form facing east and painted beautifully. It is said that praying at this temple would be equal to praying at all the 108 divyadesams. Lord Vishnu is present in the temple in the form of Lord Rama with a bow.

Many Sages and Saints have performed the “Vyasa Pooja” here. This temple is maintained under the “Vygnasa Agamam” which means: Viganasa Maharishi was born from the soul of Sriman Narayanan. The format of Slokams which he assorted is known as “Vyganasa Aagamam”, the Four Lakh Granda’s (letter format) which was formed by his four students Maharishi, Athiri, Bhrigu and Kashiyapar is also known as Vyganasam.

Bodily matters were put into the Gruhyam sect while details regarding the implantation of idols of deities, prayers, rules for repenting his sins (Prayachitham) are put under the Deivegam section.

As all the worldly bliss is found here, mother earth (ie) Bhoomi Piratti came here to get the Dharsan of the Lord here.


The temple is about 20 kms from Kumbakonam on the way to Aaduturai.

Temple Timings:

8.00AM to 12.00PM and 5.00PM to 7.00PM

Temple Telephone Number:


Temple Address:

Sri Kolavilli Ramar Temple,

Thiruvelliyangudi, Palakkudi Post,

Thirumangalakudi (Via),

Kumbakonam – 612102.