Name of the Temple

Sri Erumbeeswarar Temple

Period of origin

Before 6th Century

Name of deity

Moolavar: Peplikaeswarar or Erumbeeswarar

Ambal: Mathuvanakaeswari or Soundranayaki

Sthala Theertham: Brahma Theertham

Stalavriksham: Vilvam

Dhevaram: Appar


Once this place was ruled by Karan, the Asura, who was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, but was against devas. So he never allowed any one to enter in this temple. Brahma, Indra and all devas are took the form of an ant (Erumbu in Tamil) to hide from the demons and worshiped lord in this place. On answering their prayer lord turned into an ant pit. Here we can see that Shiva lingam is slanting to one side as to lean his ear to the prayer of devotees. The surface of the linga is coarse to ease the ants to move around. The linga is covered with mud and there is no anointing here. We can see the marks of ants creeping on the lingam. Hence the Lord is known as Erumbeeswarar and the name of the place isThiru Erumbur.

In the sanctum we can see the Linga has a small crack at the top of the Linga,which is believed as shiva roopam on the left side and sakthi roopam on the right. Hence it is also called as Sivasakthi Lingam. Even today we can witness the ants are taking the pooja items offered in the sanctum and considered it as the Lord Shiva himself accepting it.

This place is also called as Brahma puram, Kumara puram and Lakshmi puram.

This is early Chola temple on a small hillock of 120 feet high with 115 steps to reach the top. Soundarya nayaki amman is placed in a separate shrine outside the main Prahar. The other deities are Sankara Narayanar, Dakshinamoorthy and Balavinayakar.

Here Surya is seen with his two consorts Chaya and Usha in a separate shrine, kailasanathar, brahma theertham, padma theertham, madhu theertham, kumara theertham are seen around this temple. Swarna Bhairavar shrine and gajalakshmi shrine are at first prahar.

In Khostam we can see Shiva, Mahavishnu with sankaranarayanar and Natarajar under a Rudhraktcha Pandal.

Vaikasi Brahmosthavam, Maha Shivarathiri, Annabishekam, Thirukarthikai are the major festivals celebrated here.


To get rid of laziness in one’s life,bring back energy and brisk working skill by offering Jaggery pongal and vasthram to the Lord.


10 kms from Thiruchirappalli towards Thanjavur.

Temple Timings:

6.30 am to 12 noon and 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Temple Telephone Number:

0431 6574738, 9842957568.

Temple Address:

Sri Erumbeeswarar Temple
Tiruchirapalli (Dist)
Tamil Nadu