Vadakkanthara – Sri Thirupurackal Bhagavthy Temple

Name of the Temple

Sri Thirupurackal Bhagavthy Temple

Period of origin

Before 1000 years

Name of deity

Ambal: Sri Durga


The universal force responsible for creation, existence and destruction persists in various forms of “Parashakthi”. One among them is “Shree Durga”. “Shree Thriupurackal Bhagavathy” , the presiding deity is same as Shree Durga. In Sanghakal tamil culture, Elankovadickal in “Chilappathikaram” has stated; for the destruction of demon “Darika”, the force originated from Lord Shiva through his third eye, has been named as “Karnaki”. The adharmic Pandya king killed Karnaki’s husband and the furcated Karnaki cursed the king and the whole Madurai city has burnt to ashes.

Goddess Karnaki left Madurai came to Parasurama Kshethra (present Kerala) along with her companions Kannadath and Kannangottu Pullottayyan. She travelled across Parasumaramakshethra and settled down at Melamuri. She gave darshan to King Shekharivarma and he has the one built “Nadappathimannam Kshethram”.

During Tippu’s Malabar invasion, he destroyed many places in Palakkad including this “Nadappathimannam Kshethram”. Devotees recovered the divine “Peetam” and kept it at “Tharavath Tharavadu” in Vadakkanthara. Later, they installed (Ashtabandha Prathishta), the sanctum sanctorum below “Atthy Tree” near to Vadakkanthara Sree Ramapuram Vishnu Temple.

Here, at the bottom of Atthy tree exposed to the natures variables, weather conditions, Goddess Bhagavathy exists pouring blessings to her beloved devotees. In ancient days, devotees conducted “Paana” at Pirayiri, “Koothu” at Melamuri and “ValiyaVilaku Vela” at Vadakkanthara during alternate years. Unfortunately, all these festivals faded out except Vadakkanthara ‘Valiyavilaku Vela” conducting now in a very gracious mode once in three years. The chaithanya swaroopa of Lord Parashakthi, Vadakkanthara Shree Thirupurackal Bhagavthy persists giving blessings and prosperity to all her devotees throughout the year.

At 6.00am and at 6.00 pm everyday, 101 crackers are burst, symbolically driving away all evil spirits.

While there are 44 different Pooja rituals one can perform at the temple, the most important amongst them are the  Rakthapuspanjali, a pooja ritual performed using blood-red coloured kumkum (vermillion). This ritual is performed mainly to ward off attacks by the enemy, which is revealed during the oracle performed by an experienced astrologer and the Vedivazhipadu, a ritual performed by bursting a cracker to drive away ill effects of Drishti-negativities which surface due to ill wishes of some persons who are jealous of another.


Temple Timings:

5.00 am to 11.30 am and 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm.

Temple Telephone Number:

0491 2500229,2504851

Temple Address:

Sri Thirupurackal Bhagavthy Temple,



Kerala – 678012

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