Divya Desam Pancharanga Kshetrams

Koviladi – Sri Appakudathan temple

Name of the Temple

Sri Appakudathan temple

Period of origin

Before 2000 years

Name of deity

Moolavar: Appakudathan, Appala Ranganathar

Thayar: Indiradevi, Kamalavalli

Pushkarani: Indhira Theertham

Vimanam: Indhira Vimanam

Mangalaashaasanam: Periazhwar, Tirumazhisai Azhwar and Tirumangai Azhwar


According to the sthala purnam, one of the the Pandyan Kings Uparisaravasar while hunting a rogue elephant by mistake killed a Brahmin performing tapas on the banks of the river and got affected with Brahmahathi Dhosham ( A Sin of Killing a Brahmin ). Repenting for his act, the king renounced his throne and wandered around, finally reaching Thirupper Nagar. One day Lord Siva appeared before the king and asked him to worship Lord Vishnu here in this kshetram to get rid of the Brahmahatthi Dhosham. There upon the king built a temple for Lord Vishnu and each day after worship offered food together with Appam, and Payasam to the Brahmins. One fine day Lord came to king’s place disguised as a Brahmin. He told the king that he is hungry and needed food. The king was surprised but he requested the Brahmin to wait till the other Brahmins also assembled. But Lord Vishnu in the form of a Brahmin conveyed to the king that he is too hungry and cannot wait. There upon, the king agreed to serve Him food. But to the surprise of the king the Brahmin ate all the food, and wanted some more. The king requested him to take rest and went in to cook some more. At that time Markandeya Rishi, who was informed by Siva to seek refuge in Lord Vishnu for longevity of life, was directed to the King’s place to worship Lord Vishnu taking rest as an old Brahmin.

Accordingly the Markandeya Rishi went to the king’s house where he saw the old Brahmin lying on the couch holding an appa kudam in one hand. Markandeya approached the Brahmin and bowed 100 times. Lord Vishnu regaining his original form lifted his hand from the appa kudam and blessed Markandeya with longevity of life. He also blessed the king to get rid of his brahmahathi dhosham. We find the moolavar in HIS Reclining Posture Holding Appakudam and Blessing Markandeya. Since Markandeya got his longevity of life the tank in this shetram is called Mruthyu Vinasini Theertham. This is the only Divyadesam Appam is being offered as Naivethyam.

Nammazhvaar sang the last of his Paasurams about Appaala Rangan before attaining Moksham. The only Divyadesam where Appam is the Naivethyam. Koviladi Appakudathaan Ranganathar Temple is one of the 7 temples referred by Thirumazhisai Azhavaar of Lord Vishnu in Reclining Posture ( Anantha Sayanam ) the other temples areSrirangam, Thiru Kudanthai (Kumbakonam), Anbil (Vadivazhagiya Nambi), Thiru Vallur, ThiruVekkaand Thiru Paarkadal. Moolavar is worshipped as Appa Kudathan in Reclining Posture facing West and Utsavar is also in the same name as Appala Rangan. Thayaris worshipped as Indira Devi and Kamalavalli. Koviladi is sung by Periyaazhwar with 33 Pasurams, Thirumangai Azhwar,Thirumazhisai Azhwar and Nammaazhwar, who attained moksham here and his last compositions were about this place and Lord Appankudathan.

Ekadashi means eleven. Ekam means one and Dasham means ten. There are two Ekadashis every month, the Suklabaksha and Krishnabaksha Ekadashis, comes on the 11th day from the Full Moon as well New Moon Days. Both the Ekadasis are equally important and have no difference at all. When the Lord created this material world, he also created a personality named Papa Asura, who is the reason for sinful activities so that to punish the sinful human beings. In order to control the Papa Asura, Yama Dharma came into existence, who will in turn send the sinful to his hellish world and punish according to the level of the sins made. But the Lord felt very sorry when the human beings suffer in the hell. In order to save them he created Ekadashi, manifestation of his own form. Hence Ekadashi is considered the Supreme of all the Vradhas and became the Utmost Pious of Activity. Once Ekadashi existed, most Humans followed and the sinful activities decreased drastically. Papa Asura became annoyed once Ekadashi existed, most Humans followed and the sinful activities decreased drastically. Papa Asura became annoyed and begged the Lord to save him stating that because of Ekadasi he became destroyed.  Being Papa Asura also his creation, in order to save him the Lord asked him to stay in the Grains on the day of Ekadasi. Hence on the day of Ekadashi complete fasting should be followed.  For those who cannot follow the complete fasting can take one food a lunch or dinner with No Food Grains should be taken.


This Divya shetram, also know as Thirupper Nagar is located very near to Trichy and is about 5 kms from Thiru Anbil Divyadesamand approximately round 25 kms from Trichy

Temple Timings:

8.30 a.m. and 12.00 a.m. and from 4.30 p.m. and 8.00 p.m

Temple Telephone Number:

+91- 4362 – 281 488, 281 460, 281 304

Temple Address:

Sri Appakudathan Temple,

Koviladi (Tirupair)-613 105,

Thanjavur district golden goose

Divya Desam

Anbil – Sri Sundararaja Perumal temple

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Name of the Temple

Sri Sundararaja Perumal temple

Period of origin

Before 2000 years

Name of deity

Moolavar: Sundararaja Perumal

Thayar: Azhagia Valli

Pushkarani: Manduka

Vimanam: Thaaraga Vimanam

Mangalaashaasanam: Thirumazhisai Alwar


The Moolavar of this Sthalam is Vadivazhagiya Nambi..Moolavar in Kidantha Kolam and in Bhujanga sayanam and facing East direction. Andal is seen in a sitting posture here. This is considered as a prarthana sthalam for unmarried women. It is believed that prayers to Andal at this temple will result in them finding the bridegroom. To find salvation from Brahmma’s curse, Shiva went on a pilgrimage begging for food, with Brahmma’s skull as the begging vessel. Every time someone filled the vessel with food, Shiva found to his horror that it vanished immediately. At Uthamar Koil, Goddess Lakshmi filled the vessel with food, thus ending Shiva’s hunger. However, to Shiva’s dismay, Brahmma’s skull still lay fixed on his hand. Shiva is said to have visited this place from Uthamar Koil before going to Kandiyur where he finally got salvation.

This Anbil Sthalam is closely related to great creators. This whole world was created by Lord Brahma and Valmiki Maharishi is great Saint (Muni) and has lots of good thoughts built-in. Both these two persons are very good examples of creating good things and dedicating it to this mighty world. Based on the Kalyana gunam (Character) and Thiru Vadivam (shape) of Sriman Narayanan, they created good things and presented to the world. Behind this good creation, is the love (or) Anbu in Tamil on God. So, this sthalam is called as “Anbil”. To all the creative people, all the things they see looks good and beautiful. Like the same way, the God here is Vadivazhagiya Nambi and Thaayar is Azhagiyavalli Naachiyar showing Shundhara – Sorobha Dharshanam. Sundaram means “beautiful” and “good looking” and Soroobham means the body. Since, the Perumal and Thaayar are said to look good and beautiful, it is said the beauty of them attracts all of His Devotees.

“Anbae Kadavul, Anbae Azhaghu, Anbae Ulagam, Anbae Gnyanam and Anbae Padaippu”This is quote told here and the explanation is “God is love, Beauty is Love, Love is the world, Love is the Gnayanam and Love is the creator. And all these beautiful issues indicates how beauty the Perumal is. Once when Manduga Maharishi was in penance under water. Saint Dhuruvaasar waited for him on the water shore long time. Since Saint Mandugar has not turned up, Saint Dhuruvaasar cursed him to become frog. So Saint Mandugar came to this place and did penance on Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu appeared before him and whipped off the curse given Saint Dhurvaasar and Saint Mandugar regained his form. So this place was previously called as “Mandugaa (frog) puri”. The pond here is also called as “Manduga Theertham”.

Once when Thirumezhisai Alwar came here, he was teased to a great extent by the people. He taught of teaching them a lesson and sung a song on Lord Vishnu to appear on him and make the people know that he is Lord Vishnu’s ardent devotee, and Lord Vishnu came out of Thirumezhisai Alwar and appeared here as “Vadhivazhagiya Nambi” to make Thirumezhisai Alwar to teach them a lesson. Sundara Raja Chozhan, the father of Raja Raja Chozhan had stayed here for a night before going for a battle. He laid his weapons before the Lord and sought his blessings. Emerging victorious, he is said to have come back here and built the temple in its current form.


This divya desam is situated 8 Kms away from Vizhupuram Guard line. It is situatedon the North shore (Vadakarai) of collidam river.

Temple Timings:

7 am to 12 pm and 4 pm and 8 pm

Temple Telephone Number:

+91- 431 – 6590 672.

Temple Address:

Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple,

Tiru Anbil-621 702.

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Devi Stotrams

Sree Durga Sahasra Nama Stotram

|| atha Sree durgaa sahasranaamastOtram ||

naarada uvaaca –
kumaara guNagambheera dEvasEnaapatE prabhO |
sarvaabheeShTapradaM puMsaaM sarvapaapapraNaaSanam || 1||

guhyaadguhyataraM stOtraM bhaktivardhakamanjasaa |
mangalaM grahapeeDaadiSaantidaM vaktumarhasi || 2||

skanda uvaaca –
SRuNu naarada dEvarShE lOkaanugrahakaamyayaa |
yatpRucCasi paraM puNyaM tattE vakShyaami kautukaat || 3||

maataa mE lOkajananee himavannagasattamaat |
mEnaayaaM brahmavaadinyaaM praadurbhootaa harapriyaa || 4||

mahataa tapasaaraadhya SankaraM lOkaSankaram |
svamEva vallabhaM bhEjE kalEva hi kalaanidhim || 5||

nagaanaamadhiraajastu himavaan virahaaturaH |
svasutaayaaH parikSheeNE vasiShThEna prabOdhitaH || 6||

trilOkajananee sEyaM prasannaa tvayi puNyataH |
praadurbhootaa sutaatvEna tadviyOgaM SubhaM tyaja || 7||

bahuroopaa ca durgEyaM bahunaamnee sanaatanee |
sanaatanasya jaayaa saa putreemOhaM tyajaadhunaa || 8||

iti prabOdhitaH SailaH taaM tuShTaava paraaM Sivaam |
tadaa prasannaa saa durgaa pitaraM praaha nandinee || 9||

matprasaadaatparaM stOtraM hRudayE pratibhaasataam |
tEna naamnaaM sahasrENa poojayan kaamamaapnuhi || 10||

ityuktvaantarhitaayaaM tu hRudayE sphuritaM tadaa |
naamnaaM sahasraM durgaayaaH pRucCatE mE yaduktavaan || 11||

mangalaanaaM mangalaM tad durgaanaama sahasrakam |
sarvaabheeShTapradaaM puMsaaM braveemyakhilakaamadam || 12||

durgaadEvee samaakhyaataa himavaanRuShirucyatE |
CandOnuShTup japO dEvyaaH preetayE kriyatE sadaa || 13||

asya SreedurgaastOtramahaamantrasya | himavaan RuShiH | anuShTup CandaH |
durgaabhagavatee dEvataa | SreedurgaaprasaadasiddhyarthE japE viniyOgaH | |

Sreebhagavatyai durgaayai namaH |

OM hreeM kaalaabhraabhaaM kaTaakShairarikulabhayadaaM maulibaddhEndurEkhaaM
SankhaM cakraM kRupaaNaM triSikhamapi karairudvahanteeM trinEtraam |
siMhaskandhaadhirooDhaaM tribhuvanamakhilaM tEjasaa poorayanteeM
dhyaayEd durgaaM jayaakhyaaM tridaSaparivRutaaM sEvitaaM siddhikaamaiH ||

Sree jayadurgaayai namaH |

OM SivaathOmaa ramaa Saktiranantaa niShkalaamalaa |
Saantaa maahESvaree nityaa SaaSvataa paramaa kShamaa || 1||

acintyaa kEvalaanantaa Sivaatmaa paramaatmikaa |
anaadiravyayaa Suddhaa sarvagnyaa sarvagaacalaa || 2||

EkaanEkavibhaagasthaa maayaateetaa sunirmalaa |
mahaamaahESvaree satyaa mahaadEvee niranjanaa || 3||

kaaShThaa sarvaantarasthaapi cicCaktiScaatrilaalitaa |
sarvaa sarvaatmikaa viSvaa jyOteeroopaakSharaamRutaa || 4||

Saantaa pratiShThaa sarvESaa nivRuttiramRutapradaa |
vyOmamoortirvyOmasaMsthaa vyOmadhaaraacyutaatulaa || 5||

anaadinidhanaamOghaa kaaraNaatmakalaakulaa |
RutuprathamajaanaabhiramRutaatmasamaaSrayaa || 6||

praaNESvarapriyaa namyaa mahaamahiShaghaatinee |
praaNESvaree praaNaroopaa pradhaanapuruShESvaree || 7||

sarvaSaktikalaakaamaa mahiShEShTavinaaSinee |
sarvakaaryaniyantree ca sarvabhootESvarESvaree || 8||

angadaadidharaa caiva tathaa mukuTadhaariNee |
sanaatanee mahaanandaakaaSayOnistathEcyatE || 9||

citprakaaSasvaroopaa ca mahaayOgESvarESvaree |
mahaamaayaa saduShpaaraa moolaprakRutireeSikaa || 10||

saMsaarayOniH sakalaa sarvaSaktisamudbhavaa |
saMsaarapaaraa durvaaraa durnireekShaa duraasadaa || 11||

praaNaSaktiSca sEvyaa ca yOginee paramaakalaa |
mahaavibhootirdurdarSaa moolaprakRutisambhavaa || 12||

anaadyanantavibhavaa paraarthaa puruShaaraNiH |
sargasthityantakRuccaiva sudurvaacyaa duratyayaa || 13||

Sabdagamyaa Sabdamaayaa Sabdaakhyaanandavigrahaa |
pradhaanapuruShaateetaa pradhaanapuruShaatmikaa || 14||

puraaNee cinmayaa puMsaamiShTadaa puShTiroopiNee |
pootaantarasthaa kooTasthaa mahaapuruShasaMgnyitaa || 15||

janmamRutyujaraateetaa sarvaSaktisvaroopiNee |
vaanCaapradaanavacCinnapradhaanaanupravESinee || 16||

kShEtragnyaacintyaSaktistu prOcyatEvyaktalakShaNaa |
malaapavarjitaanaadimaayaa tritayatattvikaa || 17||

preetiSca prakRutiScaiva guhaavaasaa tathOcyatE |
mahaamaayaa nagOtpannaa taamasee ca dhruvaa tathaa || 18||

vyaktaavyaktaatmikaa kRuShNaa raktaa Suklaa hyakaaraNaa |
prOcyatE kaaryajananee nityaprasavadharmiNee || 19||

sargapralayamuktaa ca sRuShTisthityantadharmiNee |
brahmagarbhaa caturviMSasvaroopaa padmavaasinee || 20||

acyutaahlaadikaa vidyudbrahmayOnirmahaalayaa |
mahaalakShmee samudbhaavabhaavitaatmaamahESvaree || 21||

mahaavimaanamadhyasthaa mahaanidraa sakautukaa |
sarvaarthadhaariNee sookShmaa hyaviddhaa paramaarthadaa || 22||

anantaroopaanantaarthaa tathaa puruShamOhinee |
anEkaanEkahastaa ca kaalatrayavivarjitaa || 23||

brahmajanmaa harapreetaa matirbrahmaSivaatmikaa |
brahmESaviShNusampoojyaa brahmaakhyaa brahmasaMgnyitaa || 24||

vyaktaa prathamajaa braahmee mahaaraatreeH prakeertitaa |
gnyaanasvaroopaa vairaagyaroopaa hyaiSvaryaroopiNee || 25||

dharmaatmikaa brahmamoortiH pratiSrutapumarthikaa |
apaaMyOniH svayambhootaa maanasee tattvasambhavaa || 26||

eeSvarasya priyaa prOktaa SankaraardhaSareeriNee |
bhavaanee caiva rudraaNee mahaalakShmeestathaambikaa || 27||

mahESvarasamutpannaa bhuktimukti pradaayinee |
sarvESvaree sarvavandyaa nityamuktaa sumaanasaa || 28||

mahEndrOpEndranamitaa SaankareeSaanuvartinee |
eeSvaraardhaasanagataa maahESvarapativrataa || 29||

saMsaaraSOShiNee caiva paarvatee himavatsutaa |
paramaanandadaatree ca guNaagryaa yOgadaa tathaa || 30||

gnyaanamoortiSca saavitree lakShmeeH SreeH kamalaa tathaa |
anantaguNagambheeraa hyurOneelamaNiprabhaa || 31||

sarOjanilayaa gangaa yOgidhyEyaasuraardinee |
sarasvatee sarvavidyaa jagajjyEShThaa sumangalaa || 32||

vaagdEvee varadaa varyaa keertiH sarvaarthasaadhikaa |
vaageeSvaree brahmavidyaa mahaavidyaa suSObhanaa || 33||

graahyavidyaa vEdavidyaa dharmavidyaatmabhaavitaa |
svaahaa viSvambharaa siddhiH saadhyaa mEdhaa dhRutiH kRutiH || 34||

suneetiH saMkRutiScaiva keertitaa naravaahinee |
poojaavibhaavinee saumyaa bhOgyabhaag bhOgadaayinee || 35||

SObhaavatee Saankaree ca lOlaa maalaavibhooShitaa |
paramEShThipriyaa caiva trilOkeesundaree maataa || 36||

nandaa sandhyaa kaamadhaatree mahaadEvee susaattvikaa |
mahaamahiShadarpaghnee padmamaalaaghahaariNee || 37||

vicitramukuTaa raamaa kaamadaataa prakeertitaa |
pitaambaradharaa divyavibhooShaNa vibhooShitaa || 38||

divyaakhyaa sOmavadanaa jagatsaMsRuShTivarjitaa |
niryantraa yantravaahasthaa nandinee rudrakaalikaa || 39||

aadityavarNaa kaumaaree mayooravaravaahinee |
padmaasanagataa gauree mahaakaalee suraarcitaa || 40||

aditirniyataa raudree padmagarbhaa vivaahanaa |
viroopaakShaa kESivaahaa guhaapuranivaasinee || 41||

mahaaphalaanavadyaangee kaamaroopaa saridvaraa |
bhaasvadroopaa muktidaatree praNataklESabhanjanaa || 42||

kauSikee gOminee raatristridaSaarivinaaSinee |
bahuroopaa suroopaa ca viroopaa roopavarjitaa || 43||

bhaktaartiSamanaa bhavyaa bhavabhaavavinaaSinee |
sarvagnyaanapareetaangee sarvaasuravimardikaa || 44||

pikasvanee saamageetaa bhavaankanilayaa priyaa |
deekShaa vidyaadharee deeptaa mahEndraahitapaatinee || 45||

sarvadEvamayaa dakShaa samudraantaravaasinee |
akalankaa niraadhaaraa nityasiddhaa niraamayaa || 46||

kaamadhEnubRuhadgarbhaa dheematee maunanaaSinee |
niHsankalpaa niraatankaa vinayaa vinayapradaa || 47||

jvaalaamaalaa sahasraaDhyaa dEvadEvee manOmayaa |
subhagaa suviSuddhaa ca vasudEvasamudbhavaa || 48||

mahEndrOpEndrabhaginee bhaktigamyaa paraavaraa |
gnyaanagnyEyaa paraateetaa vEdaantaviShayaa matiH || 49||

dakShiNaa daahikaa dahyaa sarvabhootahRudisthitaa |
yOgamaayaa vibhaagagnyaa mahaamOhaa gareeyasee || 50||

sandhyaa sarvasamudbhootaa brahmavRukShaaSriyaaditiH |
beejaankurasamudbhootaa mahaaSaktirmahaamatiH || 51||

khyaatiH pragnyaavatee saMgnyaa mahaabhOgeendraSaayinee |
heeMkRutiH Sankaree SaantirgandharvagaNasEvitaa || 52||

vaiSvaanaree mahaaSoolaa dEvasEnaa bhavapriyaa |
mahaaraatree paraanandaa Sacee duHsvapnanaaSinee || 53||

eeDyaa jayaa jagaddhaatree durvignyEyaa suroopiNee |
guhaambikaa gaNOtpannaa mahaapeeThaa marutsutaa || 54||

havyavaahaa bhavaanandaa jagadyOniH prakeertitaa |
jaganmaataa jaganmRutyurjaraateetaa ca buddhidaa || 55||

siddhidaatree ratnagarbhaa ratnagarbhaaSrayaa paraa |
daityahantree svEShTadaatree mangalaikasuvigrahaa || 56||

puruShaantargataa caiva samaadhisthaa tapasvinee |
divisthitaa triNEtraa ca sarvEndriyamanaadhRutiH || 57||

sarvabhootahRudisthaa ca tathaa saMsaarataariNee |
vEdyaa brahmavivEdyaa ca mahaaleelaa prakeertitaa || 58||

braahmaNibRuhatee braahmee brahmabhootaaghahaariNee |
hiraNmayee mahaadaatree saMsaaraparivartikaa || 59||

sumaalinee suroopaa ca bhaasvinee dhaariNee tathaa |
unmoolinee sarvasabhaa sarvapratyayasaakShiNee || 60||

susaumyaa candravadanaa taaNDavaasaktamaanasaa |
sattvaSuddhikaree Suddhaa malatrayavinaaSinee || 61||

jagatttrayee jaganmoortistrimoortiramRutaaSrayaa |
vimaanasthaa viSOkaa ca SOkanaaSinyanaahataa || 62||

hEmakuNDalinee kaalee padmavaasaa sanaatanee |
sadaakeertiH sarvabhootaSayaa dEvee sataaMpriyaa || 63||

brahmamoortikalaa caiva kRuttikaa kanjamaalinee |
vyOmakESaa kriyaaSaktiricCaaSaktiH paraagatiH || 64||

kShObhikaa khaNDikaabhEdyaa bhEdaabhEdavivarjitaa |
abhinnaa bhinnasaMsthaanaa vaSinee vaMSadhaariNee || 65||

guhyaSaktirguhyatattvaa sarvadaa sarvatOmukhee |
bhaginee ca niraadhaaraa niraahaaraa prakeertitaa || 66||

nirankuSapadOdbhootaa cakrahastaa viSOdhikaa |
sragviNee padmasambhEdakaariNee parikeertitaa || 67||

paraavaravidhaanagnyaa mahaapuruShapoorvajaa |
paraavaragnyaa vidyaa ca vidyujjihvaa jitaaSrayaa || 68||

vidyaamayee sahasraakShee sahasravadanaatmajaa |
sahasraraSmiHsatvasthaa mahESvarapadaaSrayaa || 69||

jvaalinee sanmayaa vyaaptaa cinmayaa padmabhEdikaa |
mahaaSrayaa mahaamantraa mahaadEvamanOramaa || 70||

vyOmalakShmeeH siMharathaa cEkitaanaamitaprabhaa |
viSvESvaree bhagavatee sakalaa kaalahaariNee || 71||

sarvavEdyaa sarvabhadraa guhyaa dooDhaa guhaaraNee |
pralayaa yOgadhaatree ca gangaa viSvESvaree tathaa || 72||

kaamadaa kanakaa kaantaa kanjagarbhaprabhaa tathaa |
puNyadaa kaalakESaa ca bhOkttree puShkariNee tathaa || 73||

surESvaree bhootidaatree bhootibhooShaa prakeertitaa |
pancabrahmasamutpannaa paramaarthaarthavigrahaa || 74||

varNOdayaa bhaanumoortirvaagvignyEyaa manOjavaa |
manOharaa mahOraskaa taamasee vEdaroopiNee || 75||

vEdaSaktirvEdamaataa vEdavidyaaprakaaSinee |
yOgESvarESvaree maayaa mahaaSaktirmahaamayee || 76||

viSvaantaHsthaa viyanmoortirbhaargavee surasundaree |
surabhirnandinee vidyaa nandagOpatanoodbhavaa || 77||

bhaaratee paramaanandaa paraavaravibhEdikaa |
sarvapraharaNOpEtaa kaamyaa kaamESvarESvaree || 78||

anantaanandavibhavaa hRullEkhaa kanakaprabhaa |
kooShmaaNDaa dhanaratnaaDhyaa sugandhaa gandhadaayinee || 79||

trivikramapadOdbhootaa caturaasyaa SivOdayaa |
sudurlabhaa dhanaadhyakShaa dhanyaa pingalalOcanaa || 80||

Saantaa prabhaasvaroopaa ca pankajaayatalOcanaa |
indraakShee hRudayaantaHsthaa Sivaa maataa ca satkriyaa || 81||

girijaa ca sugooDhaa ca nityapuShTaa nirantaraa |
durgaa kaatyaayanee caNDee candrikaa kaantavigrahaa || 82||

hiraNyavarNaa jagatee jagadyantrapravartikaa |
mandaraadrinivaasaa ca Saaradaa svarNamaalinee || 83||

ratnamaalaa ratnagarbhaa vyuShTirviSvapramaathinee |
padmaanandaa padmanibhaa nityapuShTaa kRutOdbhavaa || 84||

naaraayaNee duShTaSikShaa sooryamaataa vRuShapriyaa |
mahEndrabhaginee satyaa satyabhaaShaa sukOmalaa || 85||

vaamaa ca pancatapasaaM varadaatree prakeertitaa |
vaacyavarNESvaree vidyaa durjayaa duratikramaa || 86||

kaalaraatrirmahaavEgaa veerabhadrapriyaa hitaa |
bhadrakaalee jaganmaataa bhaktaanaaM bhadradaayinee || 87||

karaalaa pingalaakaaraa kaamabhEttree mahaamanaaH |
yaSasvinee yaSOdaa ca ShaDadhvaparivartikaa || 88||

Sankhinee padminee saMkhyaa saaMkhyayOgapravartikaa |
caitraadirvatsaraarooDhaa jagatsampooraNeendrajaa || 89||

Sumbhaghnee khEcaraaraadhyaa kambugreevaa baleeDitaa |
khagaarooDhaa mahaiSvaryaa supadmanilayaa tathaa || 90||

viraktaa garuDasthaa ca jagateehRudguhaaSrayaa |
Sumbhaadimathanaa bhaktahRudgahvaranivaasinee || 91||

jagatttrayaaraNee siddhasankalpaa kaamadaa tathaa |
sarvavignyaanadaatree caanalpakalmaShahaariNee || 92||

sakalOpaniShadgamyaa duShTaduShprEkShyasattamaa |
sadvRutaa lOkasaMvyaaptaa tuShTiH puShTiH kriyaavatee || 93||

viSvaamarESvaree caiva bhuktimuktipradaayinee |
SivaadhRutaa lOhitaakShee sarpamaalaavibhooShaNaa || 94||

niraanandaa triSoolaasidhanurbaaNaadidhaariNee |
aSEShadhyEyamoortiSca dEvataanaaM ca dEvataa || 95||

varaambikaa girEH putree niSumbhavinipaatinee |
suvarNaa svarNalasitaanantavarNaa sadaadhRutaa || 96||

Saankaree SaantahRudayaa ahOraatravidhaayikaa |
viSvagOptree gooDharoopaa guNapoorNaa ca gaargyajaa || 97||

gauree Saakambharee satyasandhaa sandhyaatrayeedhRutaa |
sarvapaapavinirmuktaa sarvabandhavivarjitaa || 98||

saaMkhyayOgasamaakhyaataa apramEyaa muneeDitaa |
viSuddhasukulOdbhootaa bindunaadasamaadRutaa || 99||

Sambhuvaamaankagaa caiva SaSitulyanibhaananaa |
vanamaalaaviraajantee anantaSayanaadRutaa || 100||

naranaaraayaNOdbhootaa naarasiMhee prakeertitaa |
daityapramaathinee Sankhacakrapadmagadaadharaa || 101||

sankarShaNasamutpannaa ambikaa sajjanaaSrayaa |
suvRutaa sundaree caiva dharmakaamaarthadaayinee || 102||

mOkShadaa bhaktinilayaa puraaNapuruShaadRutaa |
mahaavibhootidaaraadhyaa sarOjanilayaasamaa || 103||

aShTaadaSabhujaanaadirneelOtpaladalaakShiNee |
sarvaSaktisamaarooDhaa dharmaadharmavivarjitaa || 104||

vairaagyagnyaananirataa niraalOkaa nirindriyaa |
vicitragahanaadhaaraa SaaSvatasthaanavaasinee || 105||

gnyaanESvaree peetacElaa vEdavEdaangapaaragaa |
manasvinee manyumaataa mahaamanyusamudbhavaa || 106||

amanyuramRutaasvaadaa purandarapariShTutaa |
aSOcyaa bhinnaviShayaa hiraNyarajatapriyaa || 107||

hiraNyajananee bheemaa hEmaabharaNabhooShitaa |
vibhraajamaanaa durgnyEyaa jyOtiShTOmaphalapradaa || 108||

mahaanidraasamutpattiranidraa satyadEvataa |
deerghaa kakudminee pingajaTaadhaaraa manOgnyadheeH || 109||

mahaaSrayaa ramOtpannaa tamaHpaarE pratiShThitaa |
tritattvamaataa trividhaa susookShmaa padmasaMSrayaa || 110||

Saantyateetakalaateetavikaaraa SvEtacElikaa |
citramaayaa Sivagnyaanasvaroopaa daityamaathinee || 111||

kaaSyapee kaalasarpaabhavENikaa SaastrayOnikaa |
trayeemoortiH kriyaamoortiScaturvargaa ca darSinee || 112||

naaraayaNee narOtpannaa kaumudee kaantidhaariNee |
kauSikee lalitaa leelaa paraavaravibhaavinee || 113||

varENyaadbhutamahaatmyaa vaDavaa vaamalOcanaa |
subhadraa cEtanaaraadhyaa Saantidaa Saantivardhinee || 114||

jayaadiSaktijananee Sakticakrapravartikaa |
triSaktijananee janyaa ShaTsootraparivarNitaa || 115||

sudhautakarmaNaaraadhyaa yugaantadahanaatmikaa |
sankarShiNee jagaddhaatree kaamayOniH kireeTinee || 116||

aindree trailOkyanamitaa vaiShNavee paramESvaree |
pradyumnajananee bimbasamOShThee padmalOcanaa || 117||

madOtkaTaa haMsagatiH pracaNDaa caNDavikramaa |
vRuShaadheeSaa paraatmaa ca vindhyaa parvatavaasinee || 118||

himavanmErunilayaa kailaasapuravaasinee |
caaNoorahantree neetignyaa kaamaroopaa trayeetanuH || 119||

vratasnaataa dharmaSeelaa siMhaasananivaasinee |
veerabhadraadRutaa veeraa mahaakaalasamudbhavaa || 120||

vidyaadharaarcitaa siddhasaadhyaaraadhitapaadukaa |
Sraddhaatmikaa paavanee ca mOhinee acalaatmikaa || 1 scarpe hogan outlet

Lakshmi Stotrams

Sarvadeva Kruta Sri Lakshmi Stotram


kShamasva bhagavatyaMba kShamaa SeelE paraatparE|
Suddha satva svaroopEca kOpaadi pari varjitE||

upamE sarva saadhveenaaM dEveenaaM dEva poojitE|
tvayaa vinaa jagatsarvaM mRuta tulyaMca niShphalam|

sarva saMpatsvaroopaatvaM sarvEShaaM sarva roopiNee|
raasESvaryadhi dEveetvaM tvatkalaaH sarvayOShitaH||

kailaasE paarvatee tvaMca kSheerOdhE siMdhu kanyakaa|
svargEca svarga lakShmee stvaM martya lakShmeeSca bhootalE||

vaikuMThEca mahaalakShmeeH dEvadEvee sarasvatee|
gaMgaaca tulaseetvaMca saavitree brahma lOkataH||

kRuShNa praaNaadhi dEveetvaM gOlOkE raadhikaa svayam|
raasE raasESvaree tvaMca bRuMdaa bRuMdaavanE vanE||

kRuShNa priyaa tvaM bhaaMDeerE caMdraa caMdana kaananE|
virajaa caMpaka vanE Sata SRuMgEca suMdaree|

padmaavatee padma vanE maalatee maalatee vanE|
kuMda daMtee kuMdavanE suSeelaa kEtakee vanE||

kadaMba maalaa tvaM dEvee kadaMba kaananE2pica|
raajalakShmeeH raaja gEhE gRuhalakShmee rgRuhE gRuhE||

ityuktvaa dEvataassarvaaH munayO manavastathaa|
rooroodurna mravadanaaH SuShka kaMThOShTha taalukaaH||

iti lakShmee stavaM puNyaM sarvadEvaiH kRutaM Subham|
yaH paThEtpraatarutthaaya savaisarvaM labhEddhruvam||

abhaaryO labhatE bhaaryaaM vineetaaM susutaaM sateem|
suSeelaaM suMdareeM ramyaamati supriyavaadineem||

putra pautra vateeM SuddhaaM kulajaaM kOmalaaM varaam|
aputrO labhatE putraM vaiShNavaM cirajeevinam||

paramaiSvarya yuktaMca vidyaavaMtaM yaSasvinam|
bhraShTaraajyO labhEdraajyaM bhraShTa SreerlabhEtE Sriyam||

hata baMdhurlabhEdbaMdhuM dhana bhraShTO dhanaM labhEt||
keerti heenO labhEtkeertiM pratiShThaaMca labhEddhruvam||

sarva maMgaLadaM stOtraM SOka saMtaapa naaSanam|
harShaanaMdakaraM SaaSvaddharma mOkSha suhRutpadam||

|| iti sarva dEva kRuta lakShmee stOtraM saMpoorNam || ciondoli pandora prezzi

Lakshmi Stotrams

Kanaka Dhaaraa Stotram


vaMdE vaMdaaru maMdaaramiMdiraanaMda kaMdalaM
amaMdaanaMda saMdOha baMdhuraM siMdhuraananam

aMgaM harEH pulakabhooShaNamaaSrayantee
bhRuMgaaMganEva mukuLaabharaNaM tamaalam |
aMgeekRutaakhila vibhootirapaaMgaleelaa
maaMgalyadaastu mama maMgaLadEvataayaaH || 1 ||

mugdhaa muhurvidadhatee vadanE muraarEH
prEmatrapaapraNihitaani gataagataani |
maalaadRuSOrmadhukareeva mahOtpalE yaa
saa mE SriyaM diSatu saagara saMbhavaa yaaH || 2 ||

aameelitaakShamadhigyama mudaa mukuMdam
aanaMdakaMdamanimEShamanaMga taMtram |
bhootyai bhavanmama bhujaMga SayaaMganaa yaaH || 3 ||

baahvaMtarE madhujitaH SritakaustubhE yaa
haaraavaLeeva harineelamayee vibhaati |
kaamapradaa bhagavatOpi kaTaakShamaalaa
kaLyaaNamaavahatu mE kamalaalayaa yaaH || 4 ||

kaalaaMbudaaLi lalitOrasi kaiTabhaarEH
dhaaraadharE sphurati yaa taTidaMganEva |
maatussamastajagataaM mahaneeyamoortiH
bhadraaNi mE diSatu bhaargavanaMdanaa yaaH || 5 ||

praaptaM padaM prathamataH khalu yatprabhaavaat
maaMgalyabhaaji madhumaathini manmathEna |
mayyaapatEttadiha maMtharameekShaNaarthaM
maMdaalasaM cha makaraalaya kanyakaa yaaH || 6 ||

viSvaamarEMdra pada vibhrama daanadakSham
aanaMdahEturadhikaM muravidviShOpi |
eeShanniSheedatu mayi kShaNameekShaNaarthaM
iMdeevarOdara sahOdaramiMdiraa yaaH || 7 ||

iShTaa viSiShTamatayOpi yayaa dayaardra
dRuShTyaa triviShTapapadaM sulabhaM labhaMtE |
dRuShTiH prahRuShTa kamalOdara deeptiriShTaaM
puShTiM kRuSheeShTa mama puShkara viShTaraa yaaH || 8 ||

dadyaaddayaanu pavanO draviNaaMbudhaaraaM
asminnakiMchana vihaMga SiSau viShaNNE |
duShkarmagharmamapaneeya chiraaya dooraM
naaraayaNa praNayinee nayanaaMbuvaahaH || 9 ||

geerdEvatEti garuDadhvaja suMdareeti
SaakaMbareeti SaSiSEkhara vallabhEti |
sRuShTi sthiti praLaya kELiShu saMsthitaayai
tasyai namastribhuvanaika gurOstaruNyai || 10 ||

Srutyai namOstu Subhakarma phalaprasootyai
ratyai namOstu ramaNeeya guNaarNavaayai |
Saktyai namOstu Satapatra nikEtanaayai
puShTyai namOstu puruShOttama vallabhaayai || 11 ||

namOstu naaLeeka nibhaananaayai
namOstu dugdhOdadhi janmabhoomyai |
namOstu sOmaamRuta sOdaraayai
namOstu naaraayaNa vallabhaayai || 12 ||

namOstu hEmaaMbuja peeThikaayai
namOstu bhoomaMDala naayikaayai |
namOstu dEvaadi dayaaparaayai
namOstu Saarngaayudha vallabhaayai || 13 ||

namOstu dEvyai bhRugunaMdanaayai
namOstu viShNOrurasi sthitaayai |
namOstu lakShmyai kamalaalayaayai
namOstu daamOdara vallabhaayai || 14 ||

namOstu kaaMtyai kamalEkShaNaayai
namOstu bhootyai bhuvanaprasootyai |
namOstu dEvaadibhirarchitaayai
namOstu naMdaatmaja vallabhaayai || 15 ||

saMpatkaraaNi sakalEMdriya naMdanaani
saamraajya daanavibhavaani sarOruhaakShi |
tvadvaMdanaani duritaa haraNOdyataani
maamEva maataraniSaM kalayaMtu maanyE || 16 ||

yatkaTaakSha samupaasanaa vidhiH
sEvakasya sakalaartha saMpadaH |
saMtanOti vachanaaMga maanasaiH
tvaaM muraarihRudayESvareeM bhajE || 17 ||

sarasijanilayE sarOjahastE
dhavaLatamaaMSuka gaMdhamaalyaSObhE |
bhagavati harivallabhE manOgnyE
tribhuvanabhootikaree praseedamahyam || 18 ||

digghastibhiH kanaka kuMbhamukhaavasRuShTa
svarvaahinee vimalachaarujalaaplutaaMgeem |
praatarnamaami jagataaM jananeemaSESha
lOkadhinaatha gRuhiNeemamRutaabdhiputreem || 19 ||

kamalE kamalaakSha vallabhE tvaM
karuNaapoora taraMgitairapaaMgaiH |
avalOkaya maamakiMchanaanaaM
prathamaM paatramakRutimaM dayaayaaH || 20 ||

dEvi praseeda jagadeeSvari lOkamaataH
kaLyaaNagaatri kamalEkShaNa jeevanaathE |
daaridryabheetihRudayaM SaraNaagataM maaM
aalOkaya pratidinaM sadayairapaaMgaiH || 21 ||

stuvaMti yE stutibhirameebhiranvahaM
trayeemayeeM tribhuvanamaataraM ramaam |
guNaadhikaa gurutura bhaagya bhaaginaH
bhavaMti tE bhuvi budha bhaavitaaSayaaH || 22 ||

suvarNadhaaraa stOtraM yacChaMkaraachaarya nirmitaM
trisaMdhyaM yaH paThEnnityaM sa kubErasamO bhavEt || ciondoli pandora prezzi

Lakshmi Stotrams

Ashta Lakshmi Stotram

sumanasa vaMdita suMdari maadhavi, caMdra sahodari hEmamayE
munigaNa vaMdita mOkShapradaayani, maMjula bhaaShiNi vEdanutE |
paMkajavaasini dEva supoojita, sadguNa varShiNi SaaMtiyutE
jaya jayahE madhusoodana kaamini, aadilakShmi paripaalaya maam || 1 ||

ayikali kalmaSha naaSini kaamini, vaidika roopiNi vEdamayE
kSheera samudbhava maMgaLa roopiNi, maMtranivaasini maMtranutE |
maMgaLadaayini aMbujavaasini, dEvagaNaaSrita paadayutE
jaya jayahE madhusoodana kaamini, dhaanyalakShmi paripaalaya maam || 2 ||

jayavaravarShiNi vaiShNavi bhaargavi, maMtra svaroopiNi maMtramayE
suragaNa poojita Seeghra phalaprada, gnyaana vikaasini SaastranutE |
bhavabhayahaariNi paapavimOcani, saadhu janaaSrita paadayutE
jaya jayahE madhu soodhana kaamini, dhairyalakShmee paripaalaya maam || 3 ||

jaya jaya durgati naaSini kaamini, sarvaphalaprada SaastramayE
radhagaja turagapadaati samaavRuta, parijana maMDita lOkanutE |
harihara brahma supoojita sEvita, taapa nivaariNi paadayutE
jaya jayahE madhusoodana kaamini, gajalakShmee roopENa paalaya maam || 4 ||

ayikhaga vaahini mOhini cakriNi, raagavivardhini gnyaanamayE
guNagaNavaaradhi lOkahitaiShiNi, saptasvara bhooShita gaananutE |
sakala suraasura dEva muneeSvara, maanava vaMdita paadayutE
jaya jayahE madhusoodana kaamini, saMtaanalakShmee paripaalaya maam || 5 ||

jaya kamalaasini sadgati daayini, gnyaanavikaasini gaanamayE
anudina marcita kuMkuma dhoosara, bhooShita vaasita vaadyanutE |
kanakadharaastuti vaibhava vaMdita, SaMkaradESika maanyapadE
jaya jayahE madhusoodana kaamini, vijayalakShmee paripaalaya maam || 6 ||

praNata surESvari bhaarati bhaargavi, SOkavinaaSini ratnamayE
maNimaya bhooShita karNavibhooShaNa, SaaMti samaavRuta haasyamukhE |
navanidhi daayini kalimalahaariNi, kaamita phalaprada hastayutE
jaya jayahE madhusoodana kaamini, vidyaalakShmee sadaa paalaya maam || 7 ||

dhimidhimi dhiMdhimi dhiMdhimi-diMdhimi, duMdhubhi naada supoorNamayE
ghumaghuma ghuMghuma ghuMghuma ghuMghuma, SaMkha ninaada suvaadyanutE |
vEda pooraaNEtihaasa supoojita, vaidika maarga pradarSayutE
jaya jayahE madhusoodana kaamini, dhanalakShmi roopENaa paalaya maam || 8 ||

SlO|| aShTalakShmee namastubhyaM varadE kaamaroopiNi |
viShNuvakShaH sthalaa rooDhE bhakta mOkSha pradaayini ||

SlO|| SaMkha cakragadaahastE viSvaroopiNitE jayaH |
jaganmaatrE ca mOhinyai maMgaLaM Subha maMgaLam || golden goose saldi

Lakshmi Stotrams

Sree Maha Lakshmi Ashtottara Sata Naamaavali

OM prakRutyai namaH
OM vikRutyai namaH
OM vidyaayai namaH
OM sarvabhootahitapradaayai namaH
OM Sraddhaayai namaH
OM vibhootyai namaH
OM surabhyai namaH
OM paramaatmikaayai namaH
OM vaachE namaH
OM padmaalayaayai namaH (10)
OM padmaayai namaH
OM Suchyai namaH
OM svaahaayai namaH
OM svadhaayai namaH
OM sudhaayai namaH
OM dhanyaayai namaH
OM hiraNmayyai namaH
OM lakShmyai namaH
OM nityapuShTaayai namaH
OM vibhaavaryai namaH (20)
OM adityai namaH
OM dityai namaH
OM deeptaayai namaH
OM vasudhaayai namaH
OM vasudhaariNyai namaH
OM kamalaayai namaH
OM kaaMtaayai namaH
OM kaamaakShyai namaH
OM krOdhasaMbhavaayai namaH
OM anugrahaparaayai namaH (30)
OM RuddhayE namaH
OM anaghaayai namaH
OM harivallabhaayai namaH
OM aSOkaayai namaH
OM amRutaayai namaH
OM deeptaayai namaH
OM lOkaSOka vinaaSinyai namaH
OM dharmanilayaayai namaH
OM karuNaayai namaH
OM lOkamaatrE namaH (40)
OM padmapriyaayai namaH
OM padmahastaayai namaH
OM padmaakShyai namaH
OM padmasuMdaryai namaH
OM padmOdbhavaayai namaH
OM padmamukhyai namaH
OM padmanaabhapriyaayai namaH
OM ramaayai namaH
OM padmamaalaadharaayai namaH
OM dEvyai namaH (50)
OM padminyai namaH
OM padmagaMthinyai namaH
OM puNyagaMdhaayai namaH
OM suprasannaayai namaH
OM prasaadaabhimukhyai namaH
OM prabhaayai namaH
OM chaMdravadanaayai namaH
OM chaMdraayai namaH
OM chaMdrasahOdaryai namaH
OM chaturbhujaayai namaH (60)
OM chaMdraroopaayai namaH
OM iMdiraayai namaH
OM iMduSeetulaayai namaH
OM aahlOdajananyai namaH
OM puShTyai namaH
OM Sivaayai namaH
OM Sivakaryai namaH
OM satyai namaH
OM vimalaayai namaH
OM viSvajananyai namaH (70)
OM tuShTyai namaH
OM daaridrya naaSinyai namaH
OM preetipuShkariNyai namaH
OM SaaMtaayai namaH
OM SuklamaalyaaMbaraayai namaH
OM Sriyai namaH
OM bhaaskaryai namaH
OM bilvanilayaayai namaH
OM varaarOhaayai namaH
OM yaSasvinyai namaH (80)
OM vasuMdharaayai namaH
OM udaaraaMgaayai namaH
OM hariNyai namaH
OM hEmamaalinyai namaH
OM dhanadhaanya karyai namaH
OM siddhayE namaH
OM straiNa saumyaayai namaH
OM Subhapradaayai namaH
OM nRupavESma gataanaMdaayai namaH
OM varalakShmyai namaH (90)
OM vasupradaayai namaH
OM Subhaayai namaH
OM hiraNyapraakaaraayai namaH
OM samudra tanayaayai namaH
OM jayaayai namaH
OM maMgaLaayai namaH
OM dEvyai namaH
OM viShNu vakShaHsthala sthitaayai namaH
OM viShNupatnyai namaH
OM prasannaakShyai namaH (100)
OM naaraayaNa samaaSritaayai namaH
OM daaridrya dhvaMsinyai namaH
OM sarvOpadrava vaariNyai namaH
OM navadurgaayai namaH
OM mahaakaaLyai namaH
OM brahma viShNu Sivaatmikaayai namaH
OM trikaala gnyaana saMpannaayai namaH
OM bhuvanESvaryai namaH (108) golden goose uomo saldi

Lakshmi Stotrams

Sree Lakshmi Ashtottara Satanaama Stotram


dEvadEva! mahaadEva! trikaalagnya! mahESvara!
karuNaakara dEvESa! bhaktaanugrahakaaraka! ||
aShTOttara SataM lakShmyaaH SrOtumicChaami tattvataH ||

eeSvara uvaacha
dEvi! saadhu mahaabhaagE mahaabhaagya pradaayakam |
sarvaiSvaryakaraM puNyaM sarvapaapa praNaaSanam ||
sarvadaaridrya SamanaM SravaNaadbhukti muktidam |
raajavaSyakaraM divyaM guhyaad-guhyataraM param ||
durlabhaM sarvadEvaanaaM chatuShShaShTi kaLaaspadam |
padmaadeenaaM varaaMtaanaaM nidheenaaM nityadaayakam ||
samasta dEva saMsEvyam aNimaadyaShTa siddhidam |
kimatra bahunOktEna dEvee pratyakShadaayakam ||
tava preetyaadya vakShyaami samaahitamanaaSSRuNu |
aShTOttara Satasyaasya mahaalakShmistu dEvataa ||
kleeM beeja padamityuktaM Saktistu bhuvanESvaree |
aMganyaasaH karanyaasaH sa ityaadi prakeertitaH ||

vaMdE padmakaraaM prasannavadanaaM saubhaagyadaaM bhaagyadaaM
hastaabhyaamabhayapradaaM maNigaNaiH naanaavidhaiH bhooShitaam |
bhaktaabheeShTa phalapradaaM harihara brahmaadhibhissEvitaaM
paarSvE paMkaja SaMkhapadma nidhibhiH yuktaaM sadaa SaktibhiH ||

sarasija nayanE sarOjahastE dhavaLa taraaMSuka gaMdhamaalya SObhE |
bhagavati harivallabhE manOgnyE tribhuvana bhootikari praseedamahyam ||

prakRutiM, vikRutiM, vidyaaM, sarvabhoota hitapradaam |
SraddhaaM, vibhootiM, surabhiM, namaami paramaatmikaam || 1 ||

vaachaM, padmaalayaaM, padmaaM, SuchiM, svaahaaM, svadhaaM, sudhaam |
dhanyaaM, hiraNyayeeM, lakShmeeM, nityapuShTaaM, vibhaavareem || 2 ||

aditiM cha, ditiM, deeptaaM, vasudhaaM, vasudhaariNeem |
namaami kamalaaM, kaaMtaaM, kShamaaM, kSheerOda saMbhavaam || 3 ||

anugrahaparaaM, buddhiM, anaghaaM, harivallabhaam |
aSOkaa,mamRutaaM deeptaaM, lOkaSOka vinaaSineem || 4 ||

namaami dharmanilayaaM, karuNaaM, lOkamaataram |
padmapriyaaM, padmahastaaM, padmaakSheeM, padmasuMdareem || 5 ||

padmOdbhavaaM, padmamukheeM, padmanaabhapriyaaM, ramaam |
padmamaalaadharaaM, dEveeM, padmineeM, padmagaMdhineem || 6 ||

puNyagaMdhaaM, suprasannaaM, prasaadaabhimukheeM, prabhaam |
namaami chaMdravadanaaM, chaMdraaM, chaMdrasahOdareem || 7 ||

chaturbhujaaM, chaMdraroopaaM, iMdiraa,miMduSeetalaam |
aahlaada jananeeM, puShTiM, SivaaM, SivakareeM, sateem || 8 ||

vimalaaM, viSvajananeeM, tuShTiM, daaridrya naaSineem |
preeti puShkariNeeM, SaaMtaaM, SuklamaalyaaMbaraaM, Sriyam || 9 ||

bhaaskareeM, bilvanilayaaM, varaarOhaaM, yaSasvineem |
vasuMdharaa, mudaaraaMgaaM, hariNeeM, hEmamaalineem || 10 ||

dhanadhaanyakareeM, siddhiM, sraiNasaumyaaM, Subhapradaam |
nRupavESma gataanaMdaaM, varalakShmeeM, vasupradaam || 11 ||

SubhaaM, hiraNyapraakaaraaM, samudratanayaaM, jayaam |
namaami maMgaLaaM dEveeM, viShNu vakShaHsthala sthitaam || 12 ||

viShNupatneeM, prasannaakSheeM, naaraayaNa samaaSritaam |
daaridrya dhvaMsineeM, dEveeM, sarvOpadrava vaariNeem || 13 ||

navadurgaaM, mahaakaaLeeM, brahma viShNu Sivaatmikaam |
trikaalagnyaana saMpannaaM, namaami bhuvanESvareem || 14 ||

lakShmeeM kSheerasamudraraaja tanayaaM SreeraMgadhaamESvareem |
daaseebhoota samastadEva vanitaaM lOkaika deepaaMkuraam ||
SreemanmaMda kaTaakSha labdha vibhavad-brahmEMdra gaMgaadharaam |
tvaaM trailOkya kuTuMbineeM sarasijaaM vaMdE mukuMdapriyaam || 15 ||

maatarnamaami! kamalE! kamalaayataakShi!
Sree viShNu hRut-kamalavaasini! viSvamaataH!
kSheerOdajE kamala kOmala garbhagauri!
lakShmee! praseeda satataM samataaM SaraNyE || 16 ||

trikaalaM yO japEt vidvaan ShaNmaasaM vijitEMdriyaH |
daaridrya dhvaMsanaM kRutvaa sarvamaapnOt-yayatnataH |
dEveenaama sahasrEShu puNyamaShTOttaraM Satam |
yEna Sriya mavaapnOti kOTijanma daridrataH || 17 ||

bhRuguvaarE SataM dheemaan paThEt vatsaramaatrakam |
aShTaiSvarya mavaapnOti kubEra iva bhootalE ||
daaridrya mOchanaM naama stOtramaMbaaparaM Satam |
yEna Sriya mavaapnOti kOTijanma daridrataH || 18 ||

bhuktvaatu vipulaan bhOgaan aMtE saayujyamaapnuyaat |
praataHkaalE paThEnnityaM sarva duHkhOpa SaaMtayE |
paThaMtu chiMtayEddEveeM sarvaabharaNa bhooShitaam || 19 ||

iti Sree lakShmee aShTOttara Satanaama stOtraM saMpoorNam ufficialoutletshop

Lakshmi Stotrams

Maha Lakshmi Ashtakam


indra uvaacha –

namastEstu mahaamaayE SreepeeThE surapoojitE |

Sankhachakra gadaahastE mahaalakShmi namOstu tE || 1 ||

namastE garuDaarooDhE DOlaasura bhayankari |
sarvapaapaharE dEvi mahaalakShmi namOstu tE || 2 ||

sarvagnyE sarvavaradE sarva duShTa bhayaMkari |
sarvaduHkha harE dEvi mahaalakShmi namOstu tE || 3 ||

siddhi buddhi pradE dEvi bhukti mukti pradaayini |
mantra moortE sadaa dEvi mahaalakShmi namOstu tE || 4 ||

aadyanta rahitE dEvi aadiSakti mahESvari |
yOgagnyE yOga sambhootE mahaalakShmi namOstu tE || 5 ||

sthoola sookShma mahaaraudrE mahaaSakti mahOdarE |
mahaa paapa harE dEvi mahaalakShmi namOstu tE || 6 ||

padmaasana sthitE dEvi parabrahma svaroopiNi |
paramESi jaganmaataH mahaalakShmi namOstu tE || 7 ||

SvEtaambaradharE dEvi naanaalankaara bhooShitE |
jagasthitE jaganmaataH mahaalakShmi namOstu tE || 8 ||

mahaalakShmaShTakaM stOtraM yaH paThEd bhaktimaan naraH |
sarva siddhi mavaapnOti raajyaM praapnOti sarvadaa ||

EkakaalE paThEnnityaM mahaapaapa vinaaSanam |
dvikaalM yaH paThEnnityaM dhana dhaanya samanvitaH ||

trikaalaM yaH paThEnnityaM mahaaSatru vinaaSanam |
mahaalakShmee rbhavEn-nityaM prasannaa varadaa Subhaa ||

[intyakRuta Sree mahaalakShmyaShTaka stOtraM saMpoorNam]

Hanuman Stotrams

Ramayana Jaya Mantram


jayatyatibalO raamO lakShmaNaScha mahaabalaH
raajaa jayati sugreevO raaghavENaabhipaalitaH |
daasOhaM kOsalEMdrasya raamasyaakliShTakarmaNaH
hanumaan shatrusainyaanaaM nihaMtaa maarutaatmajaH ||

na raavaNa sahasraM mE yuddhE pratibalaM bhavEt
shilaabhistu praharataH paadapaiScha sahasraSaH |
ardhayitvaa pureeM laMkaamabhivaadya cha maithileeM
samRuddhaardhO gamiShyaami miShataaM sarvarakShasaam ||