Good day everyone!. This is Saravana Babu here, a clinical lab technician from Thanjavur. I’m here to narrate a short and real story for you as I hope that you all like stories. Now let me tell you a story on how this website took its birth.

Once, my friends and I went on a pilgrimage tour. We visited many pilgrims. As we were visiting many temples and we were not aware about the historical significance of the temples. After our long visit and a beautiful journey to various temples, I came to know about the historical significance of each and every temple we saw. An interest grew inside me and I started to travel to many temples and I went on many pilgrimage tours. Before going to any temple, I did some pre-research with the help and guidance from my holistic guide Swamy Ramesh Shivam. During the process I found that there is no single source of information for a particular temple but there are different sites giving different information in bits and pieces. So I felt giving all the temple information in one place is the need of the hour. Mainly I wanted to give all the “not-to-be-missed” details of the temples beforehand so that one can feel that the temple dharshan would be a complete and fulfilled one. Thus I created my website so as to make your dharshan a satisfied one.

Its a pity that our ancient and historical temples are found deserted without anyone to patronage, which is a shame and we should be ashamed of this. There are many priests who have devoted their life to the temple by looking after it without any income.

On my way to a temple, I suddenly noticed that there are more such interesting temples on the route I travelled to reach the temple. This saved my energy, time, and money and which was optimally spent. I have also given the complete route details, address, phone number, etc., in my website.

I like to travel and also have a passion to visit various temples and I hope that I have a good spiritual interest as well. So I decided to share it with millions of people who have the same interest and passion. There is no need to go to all the temples with a religious aspect, instead we could go there to enjoy and admire the great sculptures, beautiful temple tanks, huge trees in a calm and serene atmosphere and we can also go there in the weekends as a weekend spot as well, as it might be boring to go to the same malls and restaurant every weekend.

Although we have learned many lessons in history in our schooldays we do not remember that how we gave our space to others due to the infighting, how our country was invaded and how thousands of temples were destroyed. I request the people to remember it.
I wish that my website will be a useful one to everyone. I have tried my best to gather all the information and put it together which will be useful to you. I would be happy if you all would start travel to various temples and create a passion and interest in it as I have on it. Enjoy going to all the temples and I would like to wish everyone a happy journey. hogan scarpe uomo

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