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Manapullikavu – Sri Bhagavathy Amman temple

Name of the Temple

Sri Bhagavathy Amman temple

Period of origin

Before 1000 years

Name of deity

Ambal: Bhadrakali


The temple mythological legendary says that once, Neelan, an Asura was giving lot of disturbances to the people of this area.  People complained about his miseries and menace  to Parasuraman and he advised to take up the matter with Lord Paramasiva.  Paramasiva by incarnation took  the form of Bhadrakali and killed Neelan.  After this, Bhadrakali became to be worshipped as Manappulli Sree Bhadrakali Amman.  This deity is a very powerful deity believed to shower prosperity, to ward off miseries, fullfil all desires, protect from all evils of her true devotees.

The temple is situated in a calm and serene place, has a beautiful pond on the south side.  Separate sannadhies are there for Lord Ayyappa, Kala Bairavar on the out side of the main shrine.  Inside the shrine there are sannadhies for Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga etc.

Sthala Puranas says that this was originally belonged to a famous saintly Kerala Brahmin family Mattapalli Bathrakali Mana. The Brahmins live on the banks of rivers and perform Yagas on the river beds and this place was called Yaga-Kara. Thus, this area was known as  Yagakkara and later it took the present name of  Yakkara. The temple is located on the East Yakkara.  It is believed that the deity Bhagavathy Amman was on the West Yakkara and later on shifted to East Yakkara and the Brahmin devotee used to perform his prayers and Pooja to the deity at the kitchen (Madappalli) in his house.  Later on Temple was built there and the temple was known in course of time as Manappallikavu Sree Bhagavathy Amman of Yakkara.

It is believed that the sword used by Mother Bhagavathi to defeat and destroy the demons is still the float tank.  During the Vela festival, an event of Mother Bhagavathi taking out the sword from the Tank called Velichapadu is celebrated.  A devotee possessed with the influence of Mother Bhagavathi dives into the tank, bring the sword and place it in the shrine of Mother for pujas.  Feeding of the devotees also takes place on this day called Vela Oottu.  During this festival, 15 elephants stand in a line with playing of Pancha Vadyam, Pandi and Panjari Melas.  Mother Manapulli Bhavathi with Her dark complexion is facing north.  She is holding trident, skull, sword and armour in Her four hands.  She is in her best attire wearing jewels.  She has the third eye on the forehead as Lord Shiva and four sharp long teeth.  Those subjected to injustice pray to Her for relief.  It is said that Her long teeth represent four Vedas.

Some of the important festivals celebrated in this temple are Vishu, Onam, Navarathri, Diwali and the famous Manapullikavu Vela.  The temple processions are conducted generally with about seventeen elephants and the main deity with full flower decoration and ornaments will be taken.  Manapulli vela festival is famous in this temple during which time firework displays, panchavadya performances, Ootam thullal, Kathakali dances, Discourses and various cultural arts are performed.  Nithya Seva to the deity is performed as per stipulated schedule which is displayed near the temple office counter.  One can contact the office counter and get necessary receipt after paying the requisite amount for the pooja they intend to perform in this temple.


This temple is at the heart of the palakkad city near to kootamaithanam and 3 km on the Chittoor road from Palakkadu KSRTC bus stand.

Temple Timings:

5.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. and from 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Temple Telephone Number:


Temple Address:

Sri Bhagavathi Amman Temple,




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